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Q: Rust Stain  I have a rust stain on my chair what can i use to remove it .. the material is gray and shiny -- LXA75   Reply  (Ref:1147)

Q: Help Help. How can I get creosote out of clothes. My daughter sat on a log treated in creosote and now has black stains all over them. Thanks. -- Kelly Hill Reply (Ref:0306)

Answer #1: Creasote Stains. Use nail polish remover I just got a huge stain today and it came out only with nail polish remover good luck J. -- Aug 28 2007

Answer#2: Creosote out of Clothes. I was looking up information because my Husband made a mess of a pair of pants with creosote. I ended up using "Greased Lightening" sprayed it on and let it sit a while, the black marks literally disappeared, I was thrilled and thought in case you never found a solution or need one next time , I'd let you know!. Aimy Steyn 24/01/08

 Q: Grass Stain. I need help on grass stain. My son slid in the grass with his Kaki pants. I've washed 3 times in cold water, each time applying "Spray N Wash" before laundering. The green is almost gone, but seems to be replaced by a brownish color. What can I do? -- Sue Hoskin "Jay/Sue"  Reply (Ref:0008)  

A: Grass Stain: Try Cascade or similar dry dishwasher soap. When my sons played sports I learned this and it worked every time. I even use it on my bathtub. It seems to have lost is sparkle or that clear coating that makes it easy to clean. When I use Cascade it gets cleaner and in 1/2 the time. Also Lave hand soap work well too. On grout in the tub and clothing stains but rinse it out so it doesn't lighten clothing. Good luck!  Chris -- 25 Mar 2004

Q: Never Seize Stain My husband recently got a product called "Never Seize" on one of his shirts whilst changing the tires over... Is there any way to get the stain out? Thanks in advance for any help! -- Anna Guazzelli CA USA Reply   (Ref:0647)

Q: "Stwizler" My child vomited on our light blue carpet after eating a "Stwizler" that was all red. Please help with any suggestions. I tried "Resolve" carpet cleaner immediately but there is still a large stain. Thank you! -- The Benenati Household -- Reply  (Ref:0710)

Answer #1:We did a search for that odd word Stwizler on the internet but no success. The food dye must be a common one so it should be relatively easy to find a stain remover that does the trick. We are still asking around for you. If you can find out the name of the product a search on the web might get a response from the manufacturer of the candy -- DE

Answer #2: Red Candy Stain. I think your problem is that the candy is spelled: TWIZZLER—no S. Good luck -- 'gurowitz' . Dec 15 2006

Answer #3: Stwizler. I have had considerable success with Borax to take stains out of carpet. First dampen the area with warm vinegar in water (just a dash in a icecream dish half full of water). Then sprinkle the powdered borax over the area quite liberally. (I make a point of bying Borax that looks like talc in texture as there is also one which looks like dry fibeglass type slivers and I don't like that one). Leave the mix to dry and the stain just comes to the surface of the borax powder. Quite magic. Vacuum when dry. JM

Answer #4: Twizzler Carpet Stain. Try "Awesome" from the 99 cent store. Use it full strength. It is very mild and very little odor. My grand-daughter got red lipstick on my bar stools and I sprayed 'Awesome' on it and used a damp cloth. Never knew the stain even existed. Good luck. -- Fran Abbott 4/07/08

Answer #5: Red Carpet Stain. Buy Spot Shot carpet stain removal, usually available at Walmart stores. This has removed red Kool-aid stains from our carpet. Test on another area of carpet that may not be as noticeable to test for any color change to carpet before using on the stain. Good luck. -- Michelle DiCarlo' Apr 28 2006

Q: Chain Saw Oil   We have indoor-outdoor carpet on our patio. Our son-in-law laid down his chain saw and oil leaked out. Any ideas how to get that oil out? Please answer to: -- Rob and Bev Reply  (Ref:0711)

Q: Jacket Stains I have a favorite jacket which I like to wear quite regularly. The other day when I was painting my sons bird cage with an aerosol can I carelessly got drips of paint on my sleeves and the front. It is a cream nylon jacket with polyester inside. I would like to restore the jacket. Please help -- Scott Beattie Reply   (Ref:0715)

Q: Age Stains I have a cross-stitched quilt, almost 31 years old, and a Baptismal gown, same age. Both have yellow stains. I have tried Wisk and dishwasher detergent (Cascade) to no avail. I am pretty sure both items are cotton or cotton blends as I have washed them repeatedly with no ill effects. Any help greatly appreciated...for my first grandchild. Thank you. -- Jo Freer Reply   (Ref:0716)

A: I have heard a mixture of fresh lemon juice and salt rubbed on spots and placed in sun will bleach out yellow in old stains. This information from my wise Aunt Sue. I would try it first on just one small area and see how it does. -- Good Luck, Patti Seizetheday

A: Age Stains. Hi Jo. Has anyone suggested yet for yellowing cotton/cotton blends, to use any type of powder bleach, especially one for nappies is great! I have 100% cotton sheets & they tend to yellow over the winter sitting in the cupboard & this is what I soak them in (nothing else) in hot water, then rinse, to whiten them again for summer use. Helen -- Ray & Helen Russell. Apr 4 2006


Q: Mildew stains  I have a shower stall that is sealed with silicone rather than ordinary grout. Mildew has left black stains on the silicone that simply refuse to come out. I have scrubbed, tried bleach and any number of cleaning products that claim to remove mildew stains but nothing helps. I am now considering covering them up with liquid white out solution used to cover typing errors. Is there any other way to get rid of or cover up the problem? Thanks, -- B. Cerise Reply  (Ref:0141)

A: I have the same problem. The stains were all the through. Had to replace it all -- J Asher

A: The cheap sealants will deteriorate and become mouldy. Only buy the proper silicone product. A bit more expensive but if you are going to use it on baths, sinks and showers then the extra cost is well woth it. -- Hannah Afrasaibi


Q: Grease Stain on Silk Shirt

Question Nicotine  Stains  Does anyone know how to remove nicotine stains from cloth curtains? -- Val  "Val Robinson" (Ref:0143) Reply 

A: Stain on Curtains. I use ammonia on every thing that is yellow. I pour straight on, will not bleach colors, then wash in machine. I mix 2oz in 16oz bottle and clean everything that will not go into washer. We are smokers and it works great for that yellow closet stain across the hangers, pour on straight. Hope this helps. -- PJ -- Aug 29 2007

Q: Shoe polish  How do I get black shoe polish stains out of my carpet!  -- "david brush" Reply (Ref:0631)

Q: Lipstick Stains on Brick Some of the neighbor retards thought it would be cool to do a bit of drawing with lipstick on the white bricks on my house. Any suggestions on how to remove the stains? Thank You -- "Chisholm, Bruce Reply (Ref:0721) 

Q: Clothing Stain I have noticed that on some of my babies white clothing I stored away about 6 months ago, some yellow stains have appeared. I know these stains were not there when I put them away. They are not formula stains (I nursed). I am concerned that if I don't take care of these stains now - they will be harder to deal with later. What is causing these stains? What can I do to prevent them from re-appearing or appearing on clothing that is stored? -- "Steph Radenz" Reply (Ref:0689)

Q: Fiberglas Stains How do I remove stains from a fiberglas bath tub? I use Gel Gloss to clean the tub, but it doesn't take the stain off. -- Rita Reply (Ref:0690)

Q: Help Does anyone have any advice on red nail polish in carpet? Please advise and thank you. -- Genevieve Riggs Reply (Ref:0691)

Mustard Stain

Q: Mustard stain I have a cotton madras napkin with spots of "French's" yellow mustard. What is the best way to remove. Haven't tried anything yet, for don't wish to set it. Thanks -- Mary Frankenfield  Reply 

Q: Mustard Hi there: My macho husband was trying to get the mustard out of the  plastic bottle, the little thingy on the top was clogged. Of course  instead of just removing the top of the bottle he used his considerable  hand strength and presto....mustard all over the table, the man across the  table, himself and unfortunately the rug. I applied water immediately,  carpet cleaner, more water, baking soda in hot water, my carpet cleaner,  more water, spot remover and quess what the mustard stain is still in the  carpet...Any help would be more than appreciated. Thanks Gay Forstbauer in  the cold and sunny Rocky Mountain Trench -- Gay Forstbauer Reply  (Ref:0666)

Spray Tan Stain

Q: Spray Tan Stain Please have you any solutions for removing spray tan spray off vinyl bathroom floors, I have tried bleech sprays, and other stain removal products and nothing has shifted it. i have been looking on the web for answersfor months, but unable to find anything that mentions how i can get rid of it. Is my solution a new floor or is there a paint you can buy that will cover the area. Please can you help me with any products or a mixture that could work. Thanks for your time, look forward to a reply. Regards -- C Hartley. Reply

A: Spray Tan Stain. Plastics are usually supposed to be resistant to spray tan, I have heard that whitening (abrasive) toothpaste and some hard scrubbing can help. Let me know how it goes. You could also leave some ordinary toothpaste on it overnight. Someone also suggested Lemon Juice. -- E. Torr Comment

Tomato Stain

Q: Tomato based stain I am looking for a way to remove tomato-based stains - i.e. spaghetti sauce from my plastic containers -- Katharine Butler" Reply (Ref:0692)

Q: Tomato Based Stain - How do you remove stains from plastic containers used to reheat foods (like tomato sauce) in the microwave? These stains are permanent. Nothing will remove them, as they are now part of the plastic, which has been modified on a molecular level. This change is caused by the high temperatures experienced in isolated areas on the perimeters of containers used to heat or re-heat food in a microwave oven. The worst part is not the tomato sauce becoming part of the container, but the plastic container becoming part of the food! There are ongoing studies on the effects of chemicals that mimic oestrogen, which are found in most plastic packaging and plastic containers. Researchers are currently trying to draw the link between this, increased in infertility in men, and increased breast cancer in women, caused by these xenoestrogens. Yikes! Not to fear monger, but it might be best to err on the side of caution by toss ing those plastic containers and only use glass or ceramic dishes in the microwave. -- James Sayer

 If A equals success, then the formula is: A= X + Y + Z   X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut. - Albert Einstein  27 Nov 2002

A: Tomato Stains in Plastic Containers: Try rubbing the container with Baking Soda on a sponge, rinse well and dry. To avoid getting stains, always rinse the container with cold water (not Hot Water) before washing the container out. Found at -- 27 Nov 2002

Q: Stains on projection TV netting screen My 3-year old grandson placed his hands on the screen of a projection TV which was not protected by the plastic shield. Trying to remove his handprints we used Windex on the screen which has made it much worse and has stained the screen; can you help with a suggestion on how to remove these stains? -- "cdemaria" Reply (Ref:0694)

Q: Bleach Stains

Q: Hardwater deposits in Waterford decanters I have tried vinegar and rice, false teeth cleaner CLR, Nad nothing seems to work. Anything else to do? "Harold T. Walker" Reply (Ref:0696)

Q: Cigarette burn stain When someone has dropped a lighted cigarette on car upholstery do you get the black stain out? -- Ms. Adams "W. Palmer" Reply (Ref:0722)

Q: Yellow Bleach Stains

Q: Nail Glue I have managed to spill a small amount of nail glue on a pair of trousers and I can't find anything to remove the stain, please help, L Phillips -- Reply (Ref:0724)

Q: Plastic stain My husband covered our leather boat seat with plastic. It rained and became humid. Now there is a stain on the seat. How can that be removed? Thank you. -- Reply(Ref:0726)

Q: Stains on glass. I have a house that has both chipped patio door and stained glass. The glass looks like it was chipped when someone did some power spraying out on the patio. The stains look like they are either from paint or shoe polish. A friend of mine told me to try 0000 steel wool on the stain. It did not work to remove the stain. Thanks for your help......Tom Holder -- Reply (Ref:0727)

Q: How to remove blue ink stain out of beige carpet. Yes, I recently was cleaning out my waste can. I had already sprayed the wastecan with purple power (a cleaning solution). I knocked the waste can over and the blue ink ran out onto the carpet. I used Dirt Devil carpet shampoo on the spot. Now I have a huge blue streak/spot on my carpet. Please help me in this matter! -- Walker Happy   Reply  22 Feb 2004 (Ref:1039)

A: Stains on Carpets.I have found that shaving cream will remove most stains. Don't use too much but it does take a bit of rubbing. Good luck. -- JOHN NARANJO  Comment Feb 7 2006

Q: Rust Stains  I noticed you are the expert !! How do you remove it from a brand new cotton, never been washed, terry cloth micro fiber white robe? Thank you. -- Sulash Reply 10/01/2005 (Ref:1051)

Antiperspirant Stains

Q: Deodorant on clothing In using underarm anti-perspirant products, a white stain often forms on clothing's. I understand that this is due to the aluminium salt, present in the anti-perspirant. Questions: -What is exactly the white stain? -How to remove this stain? -How to prevent this stain-formation? Thank you in advance. -- Hans Lambers  Reply (Ref:0709)

Q: Yellow Underarm Stains - A page with questions and answers on yellow Underarm Stains.

Q: How to remove deodorant stains and body-odour smells

Q: Blu Tack Hi there.. I urgently need to find out how to remove that oil which is left behind on white plaster walls when you remove posters which are held up with Blu Tack. Thank you very much! Cindy -- "Cindy van Niekerk" Reply 19 Apr 2005 (Ref:1096)

Q: How can I get rid of ferric chloride stains, I make printed circuit boards and get these unsightly stains on my hands -- Frederic Santie Reply April 2006

A:- Stains:- If you use ferric chloride and are concerned about skin stains, fear not, lemon juice will make it disappear - Like magic!! -- Adam Waldron April 2006

Q: Lipstick Stain Removal

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