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Q: Nicotine stain removers. I live in a double-wide trailer, it has the brown panelling as well as the printed panelling. My husband and I smoke. I need something that will clean nicotine stains off the walls, without taking the color out of my panelling. Something a lot better than 409, Fantastic, or Murphy's Oil Soap. PLEASE HELP ME!-- Elizabeth Dean Reply 

Response: Tobacco Stains. Hi Elizabeth, I also have the same problem from my husband smoking. We have stains on wallpaper and wooden furniture. Were you able to find anything to remove the stains in your home? I saw your ? on Jeeves post. I would be so thankful if you could email me if you found something to remove stains. thanks a lot. --Chris Reply

Response: Did You Find Your Answer To Nicotine Stains? Hi, I just purchased an old airstream trailer that is coated with nicotine stain .. I've used 409 but there has got to be something better .... how about steam cleaning?  Thanks.. -- Tom & Maria Small Reply  (Ref:1148)

A: Nicotine. Hello! I use Greased Lightening from the Dollar General Store. Its $3.00 a bottle and you spray it on and just watch the nicotine run off. Then wash the walls again with some soapy water. Its great for showers too. Hope this helps you out! Warmly, -- Bethann Sep 5 2006

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