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Another use for your Pizza Cutter. 
Everyone is using eBay these days so cardboard boxes are needed to post the items sold, I often find that the box I have saved is not quite the right size so a bit of modification is needed. Sometimes I even end up making the complete box so getting nice tidy folds is absolutely necessary, this is when a pizza cutter comes in handy; the rolling blade will make a perfect groove to fold along.

Preservatives in food  - Sulfites
One of the many additives that finds its way into our food are the preservatives known as sulfites. They have very useful to the food industry, in that they are spectacularly successful in keeping colors from degrading, especially in dried fruit, the lovely orange colored dried apricots would have a totally different appearance if the hadn't been gassed with sulphur dioxide gas, they would be an unappealing brown color. Unfortunately the treatment also diminishes the vitamin content and disrupts enzyme processes, so once again we are the victims of a deception by the marketers of food and beverage products. - More

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