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Yellow Stains

The two most common types of yellow stains are;

1. Antiperspirant staining the underarm area of shirts, undershirts and blouses.
2. Chlorine Bleach. For more on Bleach Stains....

Q: Underarm Stains How do you remove yellow underarm stains from a white shirt? -- TAL115 Reply (Ref:0674)

A: Yellow Stains. Soak your shirts in oxybleach!  Comment   15/05/2005

Q: Tee shirts - Yellow Stain. Could you tell me how to get rid of yellow stain under arms of t-shirts? thank you, -- Craig Rose  Reply 15 May 2004  (Ref:0987)

Answer#1: Yellow Stains. Soak your shirts in oxyclean! -- Yellioxo Comment  15/05/2005

Answer#2: Yellow Stain. I can't tell you how to get rid of existing yellow but I can tell you how not to get yellow again on new items...I believe in cheap and environmentally safe...go buy a box of Borax...it is a powder and costs about 3 dollars...put a sprinkle of that in every load of light colored laundry along with whatever laundry soap you use and you shouldn't have any more problems with yellowing...One more of many other uses for borax is, it will shine you bathroom porcelain right up and great for cleaning toilets, plus many other things....It will save you money and cut your cleaning products in half. Good luck. -- CHRIS and Angie FORD Comment Jan 25 2006

Answer#3: Underarm Stains. You know what else works to remove underarm stains? Baking soda mixed with water to make a paste. Pre-treat then wash as usual. -- Karyn Hudson. Comment Oct 1 2007

Answer#4: Getting Stains out of T-shirt Underarms. Buy a product called Iron Out or something similar and follow directions. This is a popular product in northern Wisconsin and Michigan because of the iron content in the water. I used it to protect the whites when we bought a cabin in that area – and lo and behold, it cleaned those t-shirts right up. -- Bill Bradford. Comment 18/12/07

Answer#5: Avoid using antiperspirants containing aluminum compounds -- Darren Corbie Liverpool England Comment

Q: Yellow Discoloration. I have a new , all white , bathroom rug that had been folded and put away for some time , it was never used. now it seems to have a yellow discoloration in the fold that i can`t get out---i`ve pre treated it with laundry detergent but the yellow crease is still there . any suggestions? thank you -- jeannette cibelli Reply Nov 20 2006 (Ref:1318

Answer#1. Yellow underarm stains - Use Raise, avalable from Amazon. It was previously called Pitstop. and is very effective. A work colleague recommends vinegar added to the wash -- Ron Watkins Comment

Answer#2: Avoid aluminum based antiperspirants, they rot your brains and soften your bones. -- Oldhippydave Comment

Q: Perspiration Stains - How do you get rid of the yellowish brown underarm stains? -- Cardams  Reply 20/04/2005 (Ref:1102)

Q: Underarm Stains How do you remove yellow underarm stains from a white shirt?  I really would like to know. -- Bodymentor Reply June 01, 2004 (Ref:0989)

The consensus is that Hydrogen Peroxide based bleaching products such as OxiClean are the most effective, especially if pre-soaked or applied as a paste. A readers also suggest Borax as a preventative and another one suggests applying a baking soda paste. There are commercial products specifically designed to do the job, one such is "Raise". -- Ed

See also "Yellow Stains on Canvas" (Bleach Stains)

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