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Carpet Stains and Cleaning Carpets

Lots of questions come in on the topic of Cleaning Carpets and Carpet Stains, One suggestion we received recently was to use baking soda shaken in to the carped, agitated with a stiff brush then vacuumed out. It was suggested that the carpet would not only be cleaner but would smell better afterwards. Thanks to Mary Alvares of Bolton in England

A: Carpet Stains It seems that kids always spill red kool-aid on carpets. One day I just grabbed the first thing I could find and it worked great! Lysol Antibacterial kitchen cleaner on a fresh carpet stain will immediately get all the red out. (any color, really) Just spray and dab it with a clean towel. This also gets the kool-aid stains from kitchen counter tops without using bleach. -- "D. Carr" Reply

A: Carpet stains   Don't remember where on the web I got this solution but it has worked everytime. I was originally searching for something to remove old red wine stains from carpet but have used it on other stains and it has worked just as good. dishwashing liquid (i use palmolive) and peroxide. The stains actually just disappear. It's great. I've never used a precise measurement of either. I would be careful on dark carpets. From what I understand the peroxide can have a bleaching effect. My carpets are beige so it hasn't been an issue.  -- Belinda Enamorado

Q: Small Burn in Carpet!: An ember from our fireplace burned a small hole in our new carpet, about the size of a cigarette burn. We have extra pieces of the carpet leftover, and I think there is a way to cut fibers to fill the burn hole but I am not sure exactly how to do this, or what kind of glue to use so it won't get vacuumed up. The carpet is a plush pile, 65oz weight, and since the hole is so small I wondered if anyone had a TIP or HINT that would help us be able to fix it ourselves without calling carpet repair. Can you help? -- Normal Sue Reply Thank you! 

A: Carpet Repair.  Here's what I did: Trim all the cigarette burn part away with fingernail (cuticle) scissors. Go to several other places in your carpet and snip pieces of it. Superglue these little snippits into the burn place. Check the repaired place again in a day and add more snipped pieces if you think you need to. --  Billy E

A: Carpet Burn. I saw a technique on tv and here it is as best as I recall: Purchase carpet tape (at a carpeting store?) which is very strongly adhesive. Cut a circle (somewhat larger than the burn) out of your undamaged carpet. Lay that piece over the burn and, using it as your pattern, very carefully cut around it and through the damaged carpet. Lift up the burned circle. Cut a piece of the tape larger than the hole and carefully tuck the tape down on the floor so that the edges extend under the edges of the hole. Then press the patch down tight. Oh- if there is any direction to the nap, be sure the patch is cut to match it. It looked easier than it sounds and was invisible once done. The tape is very strong according to the tv host. Good luck. Gurowitz -- Dec 15 2006

Q: Candle wax on Berber Carpet -- Candlewax Page

Q: Silly Putty on Berber Carpet  -- Silly Putty Removal Page

Q: Carpet stain Please HELP. Could you possibly tell me how to get chicken broth out of carpet, please?  Thank You.Rhonda Missinne   "tim missinne" Reply 

Q: Shoe polish     How do I get black shoe polish stains out of my carpet!  -- "david brush" Reply (Ref:0631)

Nail polish and carpet how in the world do i get fingernail polish off of carpet???????  Thanks, Susan Reply 

Q: Rust Stain. I have a rust stain on the carpet of my car. Any suggestions please Please e-mail. -- "Geoffrey Tucker" Reply

Q: Rust Stains: Off -White Berber Carpet  I have recently noticed that quite a few rust stains have appeared on my  Berber carpet from the legs of furniture. The metal nail under the leg must  have been in contact with water or dampness ... I have a great steam cleaner  which gets out nearly all stains, but has been ineffective with the rust.  Anyone have any ideas? Thank you.-- LJM Reply 


Q: Carpet Creep My wife and I have an area rug in our living room that sit on top of a wall to wall Berbers rug. Every time we walk past it the carpet bunches up in one corner. Is there a way to keep this from happening? We've tried 2 sided carpet tape but to no avail.  -- Steven James Lay Executive Chef The Pines Restaurant Reply 

A: Regarding Your Area Rug Issue...  Hello! You said that your area rug bunches up when you walk past it and that the two-sided carpet tape wasn't cutting it... What my aunt used to do was use two-sided carpet tape to stick the area rug into place, then lightly baste the carpet and area rug together with thin fishing line so no one could see the stitches. I don't know how you are at sewing... I hope that helps! --I R Smith   27/09/2005

Q: Bleach  Yea, I know this was dumb of me, I used some bleach to get a red stain out of the carpet, and now it is just orange. I don't think that using more bleach will make it better. Any suggestions? -- Cassandra Drew Reply

A: Regarding your Bleach Stain  I know it's been a while since you posted your question about the bleach stain on your carpet... Since you posted you might have recarpeted or something! If you haven't and the stain is still there, find a matching shade of sugar-free Kool-Aid. Mix the Kool-Aid with about 1 cup of water, and "spill" it on your carpet where you need it... Trust me, that stuff WILL stain everything! :o) After it's sat for about an hour, you'll want to soak up the moisture with a rag towel and vacuum thoroughly. Have a good one! -- L R Smith   27/09/2005

Q: How to remove blue ink stain out of beige carpet. Yes, I recently was cleaning out my waste can. I had already sprayed the wastecan with purple power (a cleaning solution). I knocked the waste can over and the blue ink ran out onto the carpet. I used Dirt Devil carpet shampoo on the spot. Now I have a huge blue streak/spot on my carpet. Please help me in this matter! -- Walker Happy   Reply  

A: Stains on Carpets. I have found that shaving cream will remove most stains. Don't use  too much but it does take a bit of rubbing. Good luck. -- JOHN NARANJO  Feb 7 2006

Q: Hairball Stain in Carpet

Q: Carpet stains. A few weeks ago I spilled hot tea on my beige carpet. I have tried all kinds of carpet cleaners, but the stain has remained. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks -- Suzette Reply  (Ref:0170) 

Q: Mildew on carpet. Any ideas for getting the mildew out of my burgundy carpet? -- RUTH Reply   


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