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How to fix bleach stains on clothing


Q: Bleach Stains You see, somehow I got bleach on my favorite (must have) navy blue pants. I love them and need a tip to get them back to normal. I tried dye, no luck any other suggestions???? Write Back PLEASE!!!!! - Angel 9487 Reply (Ref:0695)

Answer #1: Bleach Stain  Once this happened on a favorite black shirt. As long as the stain isn’t real big, I went to the craft shop and bought an indelible marker ( they come in lots of specialty colors) and colored in the white. I have to touch them up after I launder, but it’s close enough. -- Adam 03/10/2005

Answer#2: Bleach Stain on Navy Blue Pants. Try magic marker -- you can probably find the right shade at an art store. -- Darlene Edelman. Nov 14 2007

Q: Dying Bleach Stains  How can you cover up the bleach "stains" on clothing? A friend has 2 sweaters, and a sweatshirt that have been damaged by bleach. They are small but noticeable spots. 2 are blue and the other is red. They are not solid colored items, so I need to know how to "spot" dye. Thank You. -- Donna Turner Reply  (Ref:0450)

Q: Bleach Stains. Hello! My daughter bought an expensive turquoise silk dress, wore it once and had it dry cleaned. When it returned from the dry cleaners, there were 4 little white spots where the color from the silk has been lost, almost as much as if it was bleached. The dry cleaners will not honor their work. She is out the $200 unless we can figure out how to cover the 4 little white spots. Please help!! -- Beth Fisher. Reply. 8/09/08

Q: Bleach Stains. I accidently got some bleach on a gold pair of shorts. Is there a way I can dye and cover the stains up Thank you -- Maxine -- Reply. Aug 2006 (Ref:1215)

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