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Removing Oil and Grease stains from a Carpet

Q: Grease Stain on carpet  How do you remove oil and grease stains on a carpet. Thank you, -- Ken and Barbara Reply  (Ref:0574)

Answer #1: Dry cleaning fluid or dry cleaning fluid based preparations. -- Davina M. Comment

Answer #2: You can buy a really useful carpet cleaning product called Step'n Go,; there are several pads in a packet, you simply put them over the stain with the absorbent side downwards and press down with your foot. I have left one on for 24 hours with a weight on top for really difficult stains - Rosemary Sweet Comment

Answer #3: For oil and grease it is best to try to get as much out of the carpet first. Use paper towels or a clean cloth. Dabbing rather than wiping stops the stain spreading. If the stain is big and you need tu rub it ensure that the direction of the wipe is towards the centre of the stain. An effective alternative to chemical solvents is ammonia -- Rosemary Sweet Comment

Q: Grease on a carpet.  Have you got anything for taking out grease on a  carpet? -- Dale Harrison Reply  Ref:0073

A: Use aerosol brake cleaner.....its like dry cleaning fluid -- LINDALOUF Comment 08/0

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