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How can I get Motor Grease out of a Silk Shirt

Q: Grease Stain on Silk Shirt. My son got motor grease on my daughter's silk shirt. HELP!!! I've tried soaking in oxy-clean, it won't budge. please help. Thank you,-- Shirlee Dercole Reply (Ref:0142)

Answer#1: Dry Cleaning Fluid -- Martina Comment

Answer#2: grease.  Try dish washing soap -- Tracy Shaw Comment 06/09/2005

Answer#3: i have used gojo on spots like that. -- nancy edwards.Comment 22/10/08

Answer#4: I work for a trucking company and get grease on my clothes everyday. Use WD40 with a paper towel underneath, scrub with a brush or your finger then wash in the regular wash, it will take it out even if you have already washed it before. -- "Larry Hughes" Comment 16/10/08

Answer#5: Removing Grease Stain. I don't know if it will work on a silk shirt but Crisco works wonderful if you get motor grease on your hands. Just rub it on and wipe with a paper towel and wash with soap to remove the remaining Crisco. -- "Nancy Burnett" Comment 10/10/09



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