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Healthy Eating

Steam Your Vegetables -

The nutritional value and the taste are both improved and you can save energy and water.

You can buy a three part stainess steel steamer which is basically a pot where the water goes and one or two perforated upper containers where items can be steamed, say, potatoes in the lower, and green vegetables in the upper container. If three items are being prepared, or there is a greater volume of food, then the potatoes can be boiled in the water.

Bamboo steamers are a nice touch, especially if the food has an oriental flavour. Water is boiled in a wok and one to three steamers placed on top.

Of course one can improvise with a pot or wok with a lid and if a steamer is not to hand. A circular trivet can be used to to support the food over some boiling water.

Eat your Five a Day

Unless you are a Vegetarian or a Vegan (No they do not come from the planet Vega!) you are unlikely to be getting enough of the right kind of food. Fruit and vegetables do not make up nearly enough of our diet.

We can put this right by substituting unhealthy foods with more wholesome fare. The potato crisps (chips in Americanese) do not qualify as a salad except in Glasgow, the world heart attack capital, Oh, yes, I am from that fair city.

To achieve five a day can mean eating more than five items; each serving has to be between 30 and 100 grams depending on whether it is dried fruit or watermelon. The British government health website has some useful downloadable .pdfs that are worth consulting. Check out the wallchart -

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