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Make it happen!: Twenty Dieting Tips

  By Linda Byard  

1. Think about making some changes in your diet permanently. Make those changes gradually but get started immediately. Don’t wait until after the next holiday or special occasion. Yup, start right now! 

2. What you eat or even what you don’t eat is not the whole answer to reaching or maintaining a healthy weight. You must also make physical activity a high priority in your life. Do not wait until you have the “diet” component mastered. Again, you may want to make changes gradually, but today is the day to start. Begin by buying a pedometer and working your way to 10,000 steps a day. 

3. Stay away from diet silliness. No one wants to eat grapefruit everyday for the rest of his or her life, nor cabbage, nor anything else. 

4. Don’t obsess about calories. You probably already know what you should be eating, and you probably even eat most of those things. The problem is that you probably eat too much of them and too many other things as well. Keep an honest accounting of what you eat for a week, and figure out where you can improve.

5. Let fruits, vegetables, and whole grains begin to dominate your plate. The more color, probably the more nutritious. Cut way down on “white” carbohydrates like pasta, white rice, and white flour products. Start trying those trendy whole grain products; you might even come to prefer them. 

6. Choose fresh foods over processed foods. If a food spoils, it is more likely to be a better choice than one that does not.  

7. Get your fruit by eating fruit. Skip the juices and let the fruit provide you with fiber, delicious natural taste, and nutrients. 

8. If a food comes in a box, read the label, and be aware of what is actually in the little cardboard castle. It may take your appetite away. 

9. If you feel full, stop eating. Save the leftovers and you will also save the time of preparing still another meal. 

10. Generally no one needs seconds. Do you really want them?

11. Put these on your “no go” list: all-you-can-eat buffets and fast-food restaurants. 

12. Make breakfast a hearty meal. Skipping breakfast does not help you to lose weight but it can certainly ruin your morning. Be creative if you don’t like typical breakfast foods. 

13. No one needs to watch the clock to the next mealtime. Eat food at each meal with “staying power.” Foods containing large amounts of fiber go through the digestive system slowly. Snacks are often just a habit. If you are truly involved in what you are doing, you are not likely to notice or feel hunger. If you need a more interesting job, start taking steps toward getting one. Use your breaks to socialize and convince your co-workers to take walks together rather than eating crème filled doughnuts.  

14. If you feel the need, and most of us do, you can still enjoy an occasional dessert, or other favorite food. You can still make choices. Learn the difference between eating a cookie and wolfing down pie ala mode, or between ordering pasta primavera and fettuccini Alfredo in your favorite Italian restaurant. And especially learn the difference between large and small portions. Share a dessert especially the oversized ones offered at restaurants. 

15. Don’t nibble when you cook, and don’t nibble when you clean up. Concentrate on just getting the job done quickly so you can do other things you enjoy. 

16. Be considerate of the health of others. If you don’t think you should be eating a particular food, what makes you think your guests or your children should be eating it? Avoid temptation and don’t stock junk food in your pantry. 

17. While vitamins may play a role in making sure you are getting the right nutrients, concentrate on consuming well-balanced meals. If you don’t know what that means for you, take the time to find out. Start reading or consult a nutritionist. 

18. Get a handle on portion control. We tend to eat whatever is on the plate so consider using smaller ones. The same goes for glasses and bowls. 

19. If you need to have something in your mouth, reach for a bottle of water. Use it as your main thirst quencher. Consume as much as you like and without any guilt. Avoid liquids which already have sugar dissolved in them, or require the addition of sugar. 

20. If you mess up, don’t wait until next week to resume a healthy diet. Start right this minute!.  

Linda Byard

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