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Unshrink your brain

It is a fact that as we get older our brains deteriorate and we become diminished in many ways, we say inappropriate things and we forget stuff, things like why did we come upstairs and where did we put those keys...

This article will attempts to discover whether the loss of mental abilities caused by age related brain shrinkage can be halted and perhaps reversed?

Will mental or physical exercise or nutrition halt or slow down the process?

It seems that brain shrinkage in older people is a major factor in cognitive decline and developing dementia. It seems that some slowing down of atrophy can be achieved by improved nutrition and increased physical activity and exercise.

As to actually undoing the shrinking, making the lost brain matter return, well if you are under 25 then the brain is capable of healing and even some regrowth but if you are older then there is not too much you can do about it except perhaps using hormones, see later in the article.

What are the causes?

Apart from the normal atrophy that comes with age, there are other reasons, wine in excess, frequent cannabis use, diabetes, internet addiction, inactivity and strangely, back pain. Depression too can shrink certain parts of the brain.

What can we do about it?

Well firstly we can get more active physically and we can make sure that we get the right nutrition, certain B Vitamins especially Vitamin B12, can often make a difference. Fish oils containing the Fatty Acids; DHA and EPA Omega 3 have in many tests shown to be of benefit and to hlt or seriously slow down degeneration and atrophy. There are some products containing selected B Vitamins that that make claims to help retain your faculties, they contain increased dosages of B12, B6 and B9 (folic acid). Read More

Exercising your brain with puzzles and learning a language can expand certain areas of the breain; a study in England found that taxi drivers had slightly enlarged some areas.

It may be possible to increase the size of your brain without resorting to extreme measures. Extreme measures can be, for example using brain growth factors (the ordinary Human Growth Factor has no effect, I am told), however most of the experts are sceptical about whether it is possible for people without some conditions to actually recover lost mass of brain tissue. 

NHS article - http://www.nhs.uk/news/2010/09September/Pages/vitamin-B12-brain-shrink-dementia.aspx

Insulin-like growth Factor (IGF) -

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