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Q: Avoiding Aluminium: Hello there, I have read some of your info on the net regarding aluminium and I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Chronic myofascial pain some of the info I have read advises avoiding aluminium I would like a list of products that contain aluminium and any further info you have that may help my condition. What is the safe level of aluminium ? Or is there any at all? Also I live in UK, Many thanks. -- Jan McNally Reply

Q: Avoiding Aluminum  In a health tips page they suggested that people avoid aluminum, how do I know what foods contains it?. What I have read about it makes me worry that my children are building up the metal in their brains and that they will have problems in later life. -- eital 34 Reply

Q: Aluminium Oxide. We almost ordered a pallet of laminate floors until I realized it is covered in aluminum oxide. Do you think this would end up in the body? Aluminum oxide can cause lung damage. I have been to many government websites that say it is hazardous.-- Brent Johnson Reply

A: Hi Brent. Some may be scared unnecessarily by information on aluminum. Most aluminum is harmless; aluminum oxide is totally non-toxic and aluminium when used as an engineering and building material is not toxic, used in cooking pots to make jams jellies or to cook tomatoes it is harmful but otherwise it is not a good idea to be too concerned about the non-food use of aluminum, in our environment.

Aluminum Oxide is considered a non-hazardous substance. It is only if it is found in concentrations in the air of more than 3mg/cubic metre that one should start worrying - and that level is impossible to find unless one is in an environment whre it is processed on an industrial scale. Incidently the gemstone saphire is aluminum oxide -- Richard Reiss

Q: Aluminum Poisoning. Hello I want to know where I can find written information on the dangers of using aluminum pots for cooking. I work at a busy Fire Station and all of our food is cooked in ally pots. As is the food for other fire-fighters at other stations. I would be extremely grateful for any information on this subject. -- Kevin Herniman Brigade Chairperson, Fire Brigades Union AVON  Reply

A: Cooking in Aluminium Pans. RE: Aluminium pots for cooking, refer to a marvellous book by Elaine Hollingsworth called ' Take Control of Your Health and Avoid The sickness Industry' this bok has lots of information, and the subject of aluminium is covered, Elaine backs up all her theories, with info from worlds leading independent scientists and doctors etc. Check it out yourself. If you have to - take your own pan to work...throw out your aluminium ones, if management wont support your choice - do yourself a favour and support yourself, since when were mangement enlightened! - Go Well Angela -- SALMON HOURIHANE Reply  

Q: Aluminum I am a new mother at the age of 26. I breast fed my daughter for the first 3 weeks of life and then had to resort to formula as I could no longer breastfeed. I had been boiling tap water in aluminum pots thinking that this was the correct thing to be doing. She is 4 months old now and I am afraid that I could have put my daughter in danger. I mean she is healthy at this point but all I can think about is that I may have put something impure inside of something so pure and it is making me sick, literally. I am so worried. Is there anything that can be done to reverse effects of aluminum in the body or to rid the body of this toxin? Is there a test that can be performed to see the levels of this toxin in the brain? Please, if anyone has any suggestions or comments, please e-mail  Thank you, -- Carly Cope Reply

A: It is good that people are becoming aware of the dangers of aluminum and other toxic metals, however from what you have said I doubt that you have done any harm to your child. Normal tap water will pick up almost no metal from the pan. According to a biochemist friend, had you used fruit juice then you could have increased the take-up by up to 150 times. Even if your local water supply is slightly acid the pick up would have been minimal. The main risk to infants has been the soya milk substitutes that contained whiteners based on aluminum compounds, I believe that they have now been discontinued. 

We do have to be selective with the information and it is a good idea to take a long term approach and to gradually educate oneself as to what the particular hazards and risks are for the particular situation. It is not a good idea to worry oneself unduly and aluminum does not pose a much greater risk than say lead or mercury or in some areas of the country, arsenic. In my opinion the reason why aluminum is such a potential danger is that it has not been appreciated until recently that it is a long lasting neurotoxin and the food and aluminum industries are reluctant to allow such a cheap source of food additives to be taken from them.

Good quality feeding seems to be the best strategy to minimize toxins, both inorganic such as aluminum and the equally dangerous organic ones such as some pesticides and some food additives. --Davina Martin

Q: Aluminum poisoning Today I was approached by a person who claimed to have aluminum poisoning contracted while putting up an aluminum fence; long story. What I want to know is what are the symptoms of aluminum poisoning? --  ju ju  Reply

Q: Aluminium in tap water. Do the table top water filters remove aluminium from tap water? I have an in-line water filter. Does it take out the aluminum and lead from the water? My water filter uses silver to kill bacteria, is this harmful? -- Reply (Ref:0390)

Q: Drinking Chocolate and Alzheimer's. Where did I read that those who were frequent drinkers of chocolate had ten times the national average incidence of Alzheimer's? Is it just another urban myth or does chocolate kill brain cells. -- Reply A: It is unlikely that chocolate is the culprit or I would be gaga by now. Knuth and Mclachlan of Toronto University found that an additive, maltol (E636) can increase the aluminum absorbed into the brain by laboratory rabbits by ninety times. Maltol is a flavor enhancer like MSG and it is used in beer and drinking chocolate. -- Sukhindar S Gill

Q: Drinking Chocolate and Alzheimer's  A while back I read about some research that showed that people who drank chocolate drinks were ten times more likely to develop Alzheimer's in their later years.  Is there aluminum in the additives? -- Veronica McLaury Reply  (Ref:0038)

A: Researchers McLachlan and Kruch, showed that " maltol increased aluminum uptake by rabbits about ninety fold, suggesting certain foods containing the additive maltol help transport aluminum to the human brain". Chocolate drinks use maltol as a sweetener. Rest my case. -- Alan Bobbitt Comment 

Q: Link between Ammonium Alum & Alzheimer's Does anyone know if there is any scientific work done on such a link.  Reply  

Q: Aluminum and Alzheimers  From Russell Hall and class We are very interested in finding out the link between aluminium and Alzheimer�s and the affects of aluminium on the human body and would be very happy if you could shed some light on this subject for us Thank you -- Chanel College Chemistry New Zealand Reply 

Q: IQ, Lead and aluminium  Inner City kids have been shown to lose between 4 and 12 IQ points due to lead in their brains. Aluminium, like lead has been implicated in hyperactivity it seems likely that our children are less bright and in some cases seriously impaired because of the use of aluminium derived additives and alum water treatment. Has anyone seen any scientific work done on this? -- Richard Schmidt Reply   Q: Avoiding Aluminum  In a health tips page they suggested that people avoid aluminum, how do I know what foods contains it?. What I have read about it makes me worry that my children are building up the metal in their brains and that they will have problems in later life. Reply

A: To Essie2000: It is unlikely that you will completely avoid aluminum in food. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earths crust. The question you should be asking is how any aluminum can enter your brain and what you can do to avoid it. -- "J. B. Rivera" Comment 

Q: Aluminum in Antiperspirants Harmful? I've seen much about aluminum being ingested and it's potential for harm. What about deodorant/antiperspirants with aluminum? -- Carolyn B King Reply  (Ref:0036)

Q: Alzheimer's. A Gallium Nitrate solution is used to remove aluminum from racehorses suffering from bone disease, can this be used on humans to remove the metal deposits in our brains. Can we sue the companies making these additives? they must have known about the effects many years ago. -- BHP Reply 

Q: Alzheimer's. We can avoid the alum in the water we drink by using mineral or spring water but how can one avoid the absorption of the alum during bathing and washing? -- BHP Reply 

Re: Aluminium poisoning in fruit juices I am a high school student in south Africa. I am doing an investigation as to whether fruit juices packaged in drinking size boxes with aluminium lining are being contaminated with aluminium. Do you know anything about this subject? Could the juice be contaminated? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Angie, -- Angie Jacobs Reply (Ref:0010)

Q: Selenium. Does Selenium lower the effects of Aluminum, poisonous heavy metals and other poisons in our body? -- BHP Reply  (Ref:0025)

Q: Aluminium Poisoning Hi, I've heard from my colleague that sterilising baby products by boiling is not too good as the utensils most likely contain aluminium. Is it true? Thanks for your advice. Regards, Concerned mother Singapore. Tong Reply  (Ref:0717)

Q: Aluminum allergy? It is a long story how I discovered that I am allergic to aluminum, so I won't go into that. 

I have had migraines for 28 years and since being chelated for heavy metal toxicity (lead, copper and aluminum) and avoiding aluminum I have had a 95% reduction in headaches. Aluminum is used as a coating for "buffered " pain relievers among MANY other things. If you are taking coated ibuprofen this may be the problem. Aluminum is also in baking powder, baking soda, (health food stores have alum free) , dark teas, cake mixes, frozen dough, non-dairy creamers, flouride toothpaste, anti-diarrhoeal drugs, and very high in processed cheese of any kind. If you would like more info, email me. The list I have compiled contains over 40 household items that contain aluminum. -- Nancy -- A list can be viewed at: http://www.moondragon.org/health/disorders/alzheimeralum.html - Ed   (Ref:0331)

Q: (ref: 0331): Aluminum Poisoning  How were you chelated for heavy metals? Do you have any information on natural means of removing aluminum from the brain? I would also appreciate the list of household goods containing aluminum. Goins, David M. Reply  

A: Alzheimer's Association Computer System. It was donated by the aluminum industry. Does that tell you something? -- David Werner  (Ref:0330) Reply

Q: Aluminum Water Bottles Safe?  Hi Nancy, I just read your comments about aluminum and am interested in your list of household items that contain aluminum. Would you please email it to me? I'm also wondering if you would help me with some questions. I'm interested in purchasing an aluminum sports bottle, but am concerned about  aluminum being bad for health. Do you know if storing drinking water in aluminum bottles is safe? What storing other types of liquids (not acidic ones like orange juice, but what about tea, for example)? And it occurred to me -- if I washed the aluminum bottle with soap and water, would it  release aluminum into the drinking water that I put in later? I understand you may not have the answers to these questions -- I would just be glad for any information you can give me on the safety of using  aluminum bottles for storing drinking water. Thank you, -- TMC Reply 

Q: Aluminium Bottle. Hi, I also using an aluminium sports bottle and found this website. I am wondering if you have gotten an answer to your question on whether or not it is good for your health? When I take fitness classes I had been using plastic like everyone else but want a healthier choice. Thanks, enjoy the day! - Patt. -- Reply. 8/01/08

A: Aluminium Water Bottles:- The better ones seem to be more of a fashion accessory than anything else. To render them non-toxic they have to be coated inside and this is done by lining with epoxy (a pretty toxic plastic) or ceramic (friable) so why not stick to a properly aged plastic one; by aged I mean one that has had enough time for the majority of the outgassing of toxins to have taken place. Certainly claiming that aluminium bottles are safer than plastic bottles needs questioning -- Darren Hoffman, (Ref:0329) Reply

A:  Neuro-fibrillary tangles. Can I suggest that if the aluminium induced deformation is recent then there will probably be a significant difference, however if the damaged cell survives it will increasingly come to resemble the cells found in the brains of AD sufferers QED?????-- Jasjit Singh Manget - Kolkatta India Comment30 Oct 2003  

Q: Aluminum   Greetings, I'm seeking information on aluminum in foods, drinks, and household products. Also, I heard this is in tea? All tea? I thank you kindly for any information you may share. In kindness, Rick -- Reply   

Q: Household Products containing Aluminum  Hi. I just read the information you posted on the hints-n-tips website and I was wondering if anyone could e-mail me with the information you have concerning household products that contain aluminium. Aluminium poisoning has just become an issue in my family and any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Toni -- Reply

Q: Aluminium poisoning  My name is chad bowring and i live in South Africa. im currently undergoing chelation therapy, for heavy metal poisoning, by a revolutionary company called Solal Technologies--im not sure if you are familiar with them--and i would like to know what the food stuffs are that contain any heavy metals. appreciated,  Chad Bowring Reply

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