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Toxic Metals:  Aluminium, Mercury, Lead

We have had so many queries about aluminum as a poison that we have produced a page devoted to the subject Aluminum 

Q: Mercury amalgam tooth fillings On a recent train journey I met a Canadian guy and he told me that he had applied to his government for a grant to get his mercury amalgam tooth fillings removed. Is it so harmful? nearly everyone in my family have their heads full of the stuff should I get my fillings changed? Reply 

A: Having mercury amalgam tooth fillings removed will improve your concentration and other faculties.  Some people report dramatic improvement, ability to function and well-being.  In my case, career, educational performance and confidence improved dramatically.  A word of warning though, it is not wise to have more than one or two removed at a time as the removal process produces a release of mercury -- Peter McGuigan, Perth Australia

Q: Lead Paint: I am told that the bottom layers of paint on my windows and doors are old lead based  and are harmful.  How can I safely remove it? -- Carl Gander Reply 

A: Do not sandpaper, scrape or in any other way cause particles of lead paint to become airborne. Better safe than sorry, if you suspect the paint may contain lead find out more before you tackle the job of removing it! The best way is to consult an expert.Pregnant mothers and young children are much more susceptible to lead poisoning. A young child can take up ten or more times the amount of an adult. If you are renting or buying a new house the landlord or agent should inform you if there is any risk.

There are professional contractors who will deal with the problem in a safe manner. Lead Listing at 1-888-532-3547 (1-888-LEADLIST) or at Reply  Another resource is the National Lead Information Clearinghouse at 1-800-424-LEAD (5323). -- Webmaster

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