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Vehicle Care, Repairs and Maintenance
Advice on changing oil , broken components,
auto-repairs, and more.

Safety Tips:
Never work underneath a poorly supported vehicle . 
Never mess about with the airbag circuitry.  Leave it to the professionals. Use the correct tools.  Cheap tools can be dangerous and are a waste of time.

Car tips. Never use the spray-on D-icer on to your windsreen as this burns right through the rubbers through time and can cause your windscreen to leak....just use lukewarm water!. -- damien rogan.

Car Tips. When your polishing a car and you can stand when the white haze gets on to the black rubbers and plastics on the exterior use a light power wash afterwards! works for me every time.....i wash the car throughly with cold water (hot water turns ur lights dull and makes the front ones that yellowy colour) then i come and rub on the polish not having to be neat about it....polish off the white haze then come along with the power washer on low power and wash all the plastics to take of what the polish left! only way to do it. -- damien rogan

Car service. To gain that little bit of extra power front your car when servicing your cars engine (oil,spark plugs etc...) take of the distributor cap and clean all the corrosion of all the little terminals! a round wire brush on a cordless works for me. damien ireland. -- damien rogan

Gas Line. I remember my auto shop teacher telling me once about a time that he was driving through the desert and the gas in his fuel line kept boiling and causing the engine to die. He got to a store and bought a bunch of wooden clothes pins and clamped them all over the fuel line to act as an insulator. Problem is, those clothes pins are probably pretty hard to find now because who hangs their clothes out on a clothesline any more? -- David Lamb

Drilling Windshields Mark your spot with a felt tip, then make a small well from putty over the marked spot. Fill this well with a touch of light oil. Drill slowly using a carbide tipped drill bit. The oil keeps the drill bit cool and makes the job that little bit easier. If you are drilling through glazed tiles it helps if you use a masonry nail to score the point of drilling. The bit will not slip off the glazed surface. Finally, if you have drilled a hole through a glazed tile and inserted a rawlplug, make sure the plug passes through the tile before you insert the screw. This way the tile will not crack. Happy DIYing -- Alan Brighton"  English Bob

WD40 Auto Detailing.  Having a hard time getting the bug-gunk off of the front of your vehicle? Spray bug-gunk area with WD40 and let it stand for 10-15 minutes. Then wash it off. It works!-- Cynthia Wilburn  Ahualoa, Hawaii     31 Jan 2006

Engine Oil. The life of your car engine would be prolonged if you change the oil AND the oil filter at the recommended milestones or earlier. Change the fuel filter at every alternate service.

I drive a VW Golf Diesel and it has done 117,000 miles. The engine has just started to ease up, with increased power and more mpg. 

Prior to this, I had an Audi 80 Sport, which accomplished 228,000 miles, without ever opening up the engine! -- Harish Pattni    

Fan belt: In case of emergency a pair of stockings can replace a broken fan belt for long enough to get the car to a garage. – Mario Golshekan.

Radiators. If your radiator springs a leak, stick a bit of chewed chewing gum over the hole to plug it up until you get to the garage. - Anon.

Icy windscreens can be scraped using a phonecard if no ice scraper is to hand. – Essy Edmunds.

There is no advantage in "revving up a diesel"  when you have just started it up. -- Raymondo,  MOTs Means Us, Milton Keynes, England

To remove a hard to reach oil filter from your cars engine simply use an old belt. Loop the belt through the buckle and wrap it around the filter.   Wrap the overlength of the belt at least once around the filter in a way to allow you to pull in a counter clockwise motion. I have worked on several types of cars and when ever the fancy oil filter tool fails the belt works. -- John E. Gotrik, Statoil Stavanger Norway

Extend engine life by changing the oil at a greater frequency than that recommended in the handbook.  Adding a PTFE additive to your oil helps too.  My car has done 188,000 miles and the engine is only now starting to lose performance. My car is a diesel -- André Martin, Paris, France.

Light clusters. To make the rear light cluster on your old car look like new rub down with "00" wet&dry then spray with clear lacquer, they stand out if you are selling the car it could get you the best price for a little investment -- jean watson

Radiator Tip. If your radiator on your car leaks then break an egg into the radiator and run the vehicle up to working temperature, this will often cure the leak for quite a long time, try it it works. See you later Pete -- peter westall 

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