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One query - I have recently found I have toxic levels of beryllium in a hair sample. Do you have info on this?

I thought you might find the experiment below useful. I wish someone would do research on this!


Some 30 years ago I broke a thermometer, not knowing that mercury was toxic, I rolled it round in my hand, and it touched my gold wedding ring. A couple of days later my wedding ring became more silvery, and then it became completely silvery looking until on about day 6 it turned grey. Then  it seemed to literally fall apart in bits like kitty litter.  There is a web page giving advice to people how to clean mercury off jewellery.

Dec to Jan 2010

For several months  I  had a metallic taste in my mouth and had not known why. I didn't spit out the saliva but swallowed it, having been brought up not to spit. At that time I had two bad teeth, one was heat sensitive and the other hurt to chew on. I was a carer for my husband and was working hard looking after him post operatively and also on the house and garden

March 11.

I broke out with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a complication of shingles, which left the right side of my face paralysed.

My father, a retired plastic surgeon, said on an email that my immune system must be compromised and this stayed in my head until I started to wonder if:
  1. the mercury from my many fillings might be leeching into my body ( I had 13 mercury amalgam fillings). One was heat sensitive and one hurt to chew on.
 2. from my earlier experience with the thermometer, perhaps the mercury in my body might very well be destroying the gold in my body  - thus creating a low gold level. Would this answer the question of how an immune system might be damaged?

  It's my belief that I was able to taste the mercury in my saliva because of my Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which causes a 'distorted sense of taste' see
So I set up an experiment using a nice gold plated pendant  which I put into a small glass. Every time my saliva tasted metallic, I spat into it; faster salivation happened pretty quickly after eating chocolate. And then I watched to see if the pendant turned to silver. On day 4 the pendant turned silver (I have before-and-after photographs). On day 5 I went to the dentist and had 2 teeth re-done, the broken fillings replaced with a white resin. The dental hygienist there inspected my pendant and confirmed it was definitely a silver colour. She also told me that generally the mercury fillings were 'safe' unless they broke down in the gum internally (like mine had, mine eventually cracked externally which was when I got the worst one fixed).

I retried the experiment using another gold piece and my saliva, but this time the piece as unaffected
So had I cleared  the metal out of my system by simply spitting into a container?  Yes, I had proved this by finding the action of the mercury on the gold.
Perhaps some people might benefit from this treatment, especially those with dementia or compromised immune systems.  During my spitting session, when my teeth were breaking down, I did a straight four day spit.
The WHO (World health organisation) says there is no proof that mercury fillings are damaging. The dentist disagreed, saying they were not safe when they broke down in the gum. However (approximately) 10 years ago dentists switched from mercury amalgam fillings to resins and ceramic.
I would love to see an enterprising dentist conduct research. There are plenty of people with hurting amalgum filled teeth out there who, I am sure, would be only too willing to be part of such research.
C. Allen, Australia "Carolyn"



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