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Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Make life easier at the keyboard with this list of Microsoft Word short cut keystrokes


Windows Key shortcuts

All Caps - Ctrl+Shift+ A
Annotation - Alt+Ctrl+ M
AppMaximize - Alt+ F10
App Restore - Alt+ F5
Apply Heading1 - Alt+Ctrl+ 1
Apply Heading2 - Alt+Ctrl+ 2
Apply Heading3 - Alt+Ctrl+ 3
Apply List Bullet - Ctrl+Shift+ L
Auto Format - Alt+Ctrl+ K
Auto Text - F3
Auto Text - Alt+Ctrl+ V

Bold - Ctrl+ B
Bold - Ctrl+Shift+ B
Bookmark - Ctrl+Shift+ F5 Insert
Browse Next - Ctrl+ Page Down
Browse Prev - Ctrl+ Page Up
Browse Sel - Alt+Ctrl+ Home

Center Para - Ctrl+ E
Change Case - Shift+ F3
Char Left - Extend Shift+ Left
Char Right - Extend Shift+ Right
Clear Del (Edit Menu)Edit
Close or Exit Alt+ F4
Close Pane Alt+Shift+ C
Column Break Ctrl+Shift+ Return
Column Select Ctrl+Shift+ F8
Copy Ctrl+ C
Copy Ctrl+ Insert
Copy As Picture
Copy Format Ctrl+Shift+ C
Copy Text Shift+ F2
Create Auto Text Alt+ F3
Customize Add Menu Shortcut Alt+Ctrl+ =
Customize Keyboard Shortcut Alt+Ctrl+ Num +
Customize Remove Menu Shortcut Alt+Ctrl+ -
Cut Ctrl+ X
Cut Shift+ Del

Date Field Alt+Shift+ D
Delete Back Word Ctrl+ Backspace
Delete Word Ctrl+ Del
Dictionary Alt+Shift+ F7
Do Field Click Alt+Shift+ F9
Doc Close Ctrl+ W
Doc Close Ctrl+ F4
Doc Maximize Ctrl+ F10
Doc Move Ctrl+ F7
Doc Restore Ctrl+ F5
Doc Size Ctrl+ F8
Doc Split Alt+Ctrl+ S Window
Double Underline Ctrl+Shift+ D

End of Column Alt+ Page Down
End of Column Alt+Shift+ Page Down
End of Doc Extend Ctrl+Shift+ End
End of Document Ctrl+ End
End of Line End
End of Line Extend Shift+ End
End of Row Alt+ End
End of Row Alt+Shift+ End
End of Window Alt+Ctrl+ Page Down
End of Window Extend Alt+Ctrl+Shift+ Page Down

Field Chars Ctrl+ F9
Field Codes Alt+ F9
Find Ctrl+ F
Font Ctrl+ D
Font Ctrl+Shift+ F
Font Size Select Ctrl+Shift+ P
Footnote Now Alt+Ctrl+ F

Go Back Shift+ F5
Go Back Alt+Ctrl+ Z
Go To Ctrl+ G Edit
Go To F5 (Edit Menu)
Grow Font Ctrl+Shift+ .
Grow Font One Point Ctrl+ ]

Hanging Indent Ctrl+ T
Header Footer Link Alt+Shift+ R
Hidden Ctrl+Shift+ H
Hyperlink Ctrl+ K
Indent Ctrl+ M

Italic Ctrl+ I
Italic Ctrl+Shift+ I

Justify Para Ctrl+ J


Left Para Ctrl+ L
Line Down Extend Shift+ (Down Menu)
Line Up Extend Shift+ (Up Menu)
List Num Field Alt+Ctrl+ L
Lock Fields Ctrl+ 3
Lock Fields Ctrl+ F11

Macro Alt+ F8
Mail Merge Check Alt+Shift+ K
Mail Merge to Doc Alt+Shift+ N
Mail Merge to Printer Alt+Shift+ M
Mark Citation Alt+Shift+ I
Mark Index Entry Alt+Shift+ X
Mark Table of Contents Entry Alt+Shift+ O
Menu Mode F10
Merge Field Alt+Shift+ F
Microsoft Script Editor Alt+Shift+ F11
Microsoft System Info Alt+Ctrl+ F1

New Ctrl+ N File
Next Cell - Tab
Next Field F11
Next Field Alt+ F1
Next Misspelling Alt+ F7
Next Object Alt+ Down
Next Window Ctrl+ F6
Next Window Alt+ F6
Normal Alt+Ctrl+ N View
Normal Style Ctrl+Shift+ N
Normal Style Alt+Shift+ Clear (Num 5)

Open Ctrl+ O
Open Ctrl+ F12
Open Alt+Ctrl+ F2
Open or Close Up Para Ctrl+ 0
Other Pane F6
Other Pane Shift+ F6
Outline Alt+Ctrl+ O
Outline Collapse Alt+Shift+ -
Outline Collapse Alt+Shift+ Num -
Outline Demote Alt+Shift+ Right
Outline Expand Alt+Shift+ =
Outline Expand Alt+Shift+ Num +
Outline Move Down Alt+Shift+ Down
Outline Move Up Alt+Shift+ Up
Outline Promote Alt+Shift+ Left
Outline Show First Line Alt+Shift+ L

Page Alt+Ctrl+ P View
Page Break Ctrl+ Return
Page Down Page Down
Page Down Extend Shift+ Page Down
Page Field Alt+Shift+ P
Page Up Extend Shift+ Page Up
Para Down Ctrl+ Down
Para Down Extend Ctrl+Shift+ Down
Para Up Ctrl+ Up
Para Up Extend Ctrl+Shift+ Up
Paste Ctrl+ V
Paste Shift+ Insert
Paste Format Ctrl+Shift+ V
Prev Cell Shift+ Tab
Prev Field Shift+ F11
Prev Field Alt+Shift+ F1
Prev Object Alt+ Up
Prev Window Ctrl+Shift+ F6
Prev Window Alt+Shift+ F6
Print Ctrl+ P
Print Ctrl+Shift+ F12
Print Preview Ctrl+ F2
Print Preview Alt+Ctrl+ I
Print Preview Full Screen
Proofing F7

Redo Alt+Shift+ Backspace
Redo or Repeat Ctrl+ Y (Edit Menu)
Redo or Repeat F4 Edit
Redo or Repeat Alt+ Return Edit
Repeat Find Shift+ F4
Repeat Find Alt+Ctrl+ Y
Replace Ctrl+ H Edit
Reset Char Ctrl+ Space
Reset Char Ctrl+Shift+ Z
Reset Para Ctrl+ Q
Revision Marks Toggle Ctrl+Shift+ E
Right Para Ctrl+ R

Save Ctrl+ S
Save Shift+ F12
Save Alt+Shift+ F2
Save All
Save As F12 File
Select All Ctrl+ A Edit
Select All Ctrl+ Clear (Num 5) Edit
Select All Ctrl+ Num 5 Edit
Select Table Alt+ Clear (Num 5) Toolbar 32778
Show All Ctrl+Shift+ 8
Show All Headings Alt+Shift+ A
Show All Headings Alt+Shift+ A
Show Heading1 Alt+Shift+ 1
Show Heading2 Alt+Shift+ 2
Show Heading3 Alt+Shift+ 3
Show Heading4 Alt+Shift+ 4
Show Heading5 Alt+Shift+ 5
Show Heading6 Alt+Shift+ 6
Show Heading7 Alt+Shift+ 7
Show Heading8 Alt+Shift+ 8
Show Heading9 Alt+Shift+ 9
Shrink Font Ctrl+Shift+ ,
Shrink Font One Point Ctrl+ [
Shrink Selection Shift+ F8
Small Caps Ctrl+Shift+ K
Space Para1 Ctrl+ 1
Space Para15 Ctrl+ 5
Space Para2 Ctrl+ 2
Spike Ctrl+Shift+ F3
Spike Ctrl+ F3
Start of Column Alt+ Page Up
Start of Column Alt+Shift+ Page Up
Start of Doc Extend Ctrl+Shift+ Home
Start of Document Ctrl+ Home
Start of Line Extend Shift+ Home
Start of Row Alt+ Home
Start of Row Alt+Shift+ Home
Start of Window Alt+Ctrl+ Page Up
Start of Window Extend Alt+Ctrl+Shift+ Page Up
Style Ctrl+Shift+ S
Subscript Ctrl+ =
Superscript Ctrl+Shift+ =
Symbol Font Ctrl+Shift+ Q
Symbol: 61623 Ctrl+ #

Thesaurus Shift+ F7 Language
Time Field Alt+Shift+ T
Toggle Field Display Shift+ F9
Toggle Master Subdocs Ctrl+ \
Tool Shift+ F1

Un Hang Ctrl+Shift+ T
Un Indent Ctrl+Shift+ M
Underline Ctrl+ U
Underline Ctrl+Shift+ U
Undo Ctrl+ Z
Undo Alt+ Backspace
Unlink Fields Ctrl+ 6
Unlink Fields Ctrl+Shift+ F9
Unlock Fields Ctrl+ 4
Unlock Fields Ctrl+Shift+ F11
Update Auto Format Alt+Ctrl+ U
Update Fields F9
Update Fields Alt+Shift+ U
Update Source Ctrl+Shift+ F7

VBCode Alt+ F11

Web Go Back Alt+ Left
Web Go Forward Alt+ Right
Word Left Ctrl+ Left
Word Left Extend Ctrl+Shift+ Left
Word Right Ctrl+ Right
Word Right Extend Ctrl+Shift+ Right
Word Underline Ctrl+Shift+ W




Windows Key Shortcuts
Windows Key + D = Minimize all windows

Apple Mac Shortcuts

Almost all of the useful shortcuts use the Command key plus one or more keys. The most useful ones are shown below:-

+ A - Select all items
+ C - Copy
+ D - Duplicate
+ E - Eject
+ F - Show Find dialogue
+ H - Hide current window
+ I - Get info
+ J - View options for current window
+ K - Connect to server
+ L - Makes a shortcut (alias)
+ M - Minimise window
+ N - New Finder window
+ O - Open
+ P - From shortcut to original
+ T - Add to sidebar (if there is one)
+ V - Paste
+ W - Cut
+ Z - Undo
+ , - Finder Preferences
+ 1 - View in Icon mode
+ 2
+ 3
+ 4+++++

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