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Perhaps the title of this page is a trifle ambitious, however by applying some rules one can achieve much.  These can negate some of the worst depredations of the ageing process.   

Firstly avoid overconsumption, by this I mean do not eat or drink more than is essential for one's needs; eat lightly and frequently. As one gets older the kidneys and other eliminative processes deteriorate and if ageing is about anything it is about accumulating rubbish inside and outside of the cells of the body. check out 

Avoid exposing oneself to internal and external damage.  Avoid dodgy additives, x-rays, microwaves, toxic medication, junk food, tobacco, antiperspirant sprays, alcohol, irregular sleep and rest patterns, all forms of unnecessary stress and exposure to infection (warning, the adjuvant in vaccinations can be ageing). Asbestos is already the second cause of death after smoking and ahead of road deaths in some European countries and is likely to take the same position in the US. So when doing DIY or working in old buildings use a dust mask that will be effective for very fine particles.

Keep your brain healthy. Cumulative poisons such as lead, mercury and aluminium should be avoided, especially aluminium since living brain tissue will incorporate much of what gets past the kidneys and through the blood brain barrier, this is even more true of the ageing brain and once inside your head, the evil stuff is very reluctant to leave. There is no point in living to be a hundred and if you if you have porridge rather than brain inside your head. In the United States and some of the developed countries Alzheimer's Disease is reaching epidemic proportions. 

I have come across several common characteristics of centenarians. Some were valid but are no longer true, for example, farm workers figured prominently among the centenarians but no longer do so. Two individuals that I investigated were accustomed to a small amount of spirits usually taken in the morning with honey and water.  Another common factor is that many had minimised contact with the medical profession preferring to be their own doctor. It is worth noting that Luigi Cornaro consumed large quantities of grape juice and it is a fact that red grapes contain a substance that protects the telomeres, and thus the genetic material. Many centenarians have live in volcanic regions where there are high concentrations of sulphur compounds in the local water supply and the soil. Many eat eggs and two that I have encountered have had a daily yolk only. (many health experts warn against eggs as they are rich in Cholesterol.

The other day I read an small article newspaper article suggesting that the way to get beyond a hundred was to spend ten hours a day in bed. I have also read that the opyimum sleep is seven and a half to eight hours, so more work needs to be done on this aspect.

Drink Heavy Water; water that is made with Deuterium rather than the basic isotope of hydrogen. Some experts believe that the aging process can be slowed down by this process. One would have to be pretty rich to be able to afford it and it would raise some eyebrows back at the Department of Home Security

On this website you can read an interesting account of how an individual, Luigi Cornaro extended his life, which, at the time was unpleasant and plagued by ill health.  He lived a long, productive and satisfying life by following a plan similar to the one described above.  Don't take my word for it, read on, you should never regret reading, and more importantly taking his advice.


Luigi Cornaro was an aristocratic Venetian who lived in the 16th Century. He studied longevity and his ideas are as relevant today as the were then.  Unlike many of today's "Gurus" and experts he practiced what he preached. Proof of his success is the fact that despite having poor health in his early life, he lived over one hundred years.

I have reproduced some of his book on the following six pages. This book is out of copyright so you can transfer it page by page to your hard drive for more leisurely reading.

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Disclaimer:- I am not really making the claim that I can offer eternal life, if, despite taking my advice you expire I suggest that you get in touch through some spirit medium, telepathy or whatever and I will see what compensation can be arranged. If you do find that you live forever then please pass on details of the plan and send some money. ;o)