Words can be fascinating, magnetic, elfin...

unusual meanings or of special interest or sound

Axilla: Oxter(Scots) or armpit or the equivalent in a bird.

Operationalisation: In some areas of enquiry, especially in the more abstract; psychology, social sciences, life sciences and physics, operationalization or operationalisation is a process of defining the measurement of a phenomenon that is not directly measurable.

Vergangenheitsbewältigung: Overcoming the past. Germany's process of coming to terms with the history of the crime of the Holocaust.

Afghanistanisation: In the US 'Afghanistanization' refers to the nation building and creation of an efficient armed forces in the country and can be used to describe America's benign role in Africa.

Also has been used to describe the destruction of a country for a  geostrategic purpose. "The sacrifice of Afghanistan took place to be able to damage the Soviet Union/Russia".

Borborygmi: A rumbling tummy.

Pathocracy: When individuals with personality disorders occupy positions of power. Andrew Lobaczewski

Kwilt: Its what I call my tartan duvet, especially when I wrap it around myself.

Virion: A complete intact viable virus particle.

Undulatory: Having a wavelike character. Smoothly varying in intensity. Alexander Graham Bell used the word to decribe the nature of the electrical signals in his invention. Most of inventions the other pioneers of audio electrics  developed equipments that  produced  what he describes as pulsatory signals.

Pulsatory: When used to describe waveforms, an abruptly changing state. Switching between 'state zero' and 'state one' or visa versa.

Disputatious: Argumentative, a word I use for people who dare to question anything I say.

Rehypothecation: The practice by lenders and bankers of using a borrowers  collateral as a guarantee to a third or multiple parties for access to further funds or assets. Quite often the original borrower is unaware that his asset is being put to such use.

Oozant: The material resulting from an oozing process.

Poshsplaining:- Condescending explaining corried out by one of the self-regarding to one they perceive to be a member of the hoi polloi, or 'common' people.

Chthonic:- From the underworld.

Ecru:- A greyish-yellow colour. This word is 'a must' for crossword and Scrabble fans.

Nonquester:- Someone who fails to seek for truth outside of an existing belief system.

Feculent:- Foul, dirty, mud or sediment. Same origin as fecal

Faena:- A chore or a task - originally Spanish

Pulveriberation:- Achieving the liberation of a  city by pulverising it as applied to East Aleppo, Mosul and Fallujah.

Snollygoster:- A shrewd, ambitious person who appears genuine but is in fact devoid of principles. Often, if not mostly applied to politicians.

Plutonomy:- The small percentage of the population that is gathering increasing wealth.

Precariat:- The working people of the world who lead increasingly precarious lives. Combining the words precarious and proletariat

Qualia:- That experienced by a person, usually a sensation or a mental state. An example would be, a subjective experience such an individual's appreciation of the redness of a sunset.  http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/qualia/

Sitzpinkler:- A gentleman who sits to pee. A German word deserving better currency - Ed

Thrawn:- Scots word meaning twisted or woven into. Can also mean stubborn.

Mardy:- Spoiled as applied to a child. Also can mean irritable, bad tempered.

Astroturfing:- In its simple form the word Astroturf is the trade name of an artificial grass material. In its political and marketing sense the term relates to paid-for movements or campaigns which present an impression that the success is spontaneous, or suggests a 'grassroots movement.

Novation:- Changing the legal status or obligations applying to a situation, including adding an obligation or replacing an affected individual with another.

Pollyannaism:- Behaviour characterised by excessive trust and belief in the integrity and goodness of human nature or of partners. Increasingly use as a term of derision.

Memeplex:- A group of memes that synergistically aid survival.

Mojibake:- The meaningless jumble of words you get when a machine translation has been used to convert from a foreign language.

Sedulous: - Describing a person or activity, careful, painstaking,diligent, rigorous, scrupulous, thorough, meticulous.

Yogh:- A sound and a letter no longer in use in the English language. It persists in the correct pronunciation of several Scots words and, for example in the names Menzies and Dalziel. Pronounced more like Ming-iss and Dee-ell. I came across this lovely little verse http://www.rampantscotland.com/features/limericks.htm.

A lively young damsel named Menzies
Inquired: "Do you know what this thenzies?"
Her aunt, with a gasp,
Replied: "It's a wasp,
And you're holding the end where the stenzies."

Mondegreen:- A misheard phrase - The following example is actually the very phrase that gave rise to the term. Origin Sylvia Wright American author.

Ye Highlands and ye Lowlands,
Oh, where hae ye been?
They hae slain the Earl O' Moray,
And Lady Mondegreen.
(and laid him on the green)

Prosopagnosia:- The condition of being unable to recognise faces. The part of the brain that is responsible for performing this function is the fusiform gyrus. Stroke, cancer or injury can destroy this function.

Okness:- Safe, fine, acceptable. Okness - or Okayness is a word used by a friend Peter

Plotz:- To faint, an Americanism from the Yiddish. We like words that end in Z? Don't know why, just duz OK?

Selectorate:- In many countries those, usually a smallish group in society able to influence events via voting and other means.

Amglish:- Informal English as spoken, like, in the US of A

YOLO:- You Only Live Once

Synchrony:- being synchronous or happening at the same time. The linguistic context relates to the study of a language at the present time i.e. divorced from its development or 'Diachrony

Diachrony:- in Linguistics the study in evolution or change in a language.

Solipsism:- the idea that only the self can be proven to exist.

Solecism:- A lapse in manners, poor or incorrect use of a word or expression

Eft:- Newt. If you play Scrabble then useful. Quite often used in crosswords.

Ave:- An interesting word; a salutation, it is very unusual in that it can mean two things which are opposites. Welcome or farewell.

Snopes:- the verb to snopes; to check veracity. www.snopes.com is a very useful website that has collected, as they described it; urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and examples of misinformation

Ululu:- Old Persian; name of a month. The old Zoroastrian calendar had 360 days so an additional 30 day month was added every 19 years. It was adopted from the Babylonian calendar in the reign of Darius III

Forgettery:- What some people have instead of a Memory.

Subliminable:- A Bushism; the poor dyslexic American president obviously meant Subliminal.

Scareware:- Fake antivirus software, for example. Can also describe websites designed to persuade the visitor of non-existent threats.

Cointelpro:- Acronym for Counter Intelligence Propaganda. Used to describe government security attempts to demonise or discredit activists and dissidents. Originally an FBI project to discredit the likes of Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein and others involved in Civil Rights Movements. A small part of the FBI activity was focussed on White Supremacist organisations.

Pyroflatulence:- Igniting farts, usually the domain of pre-mature males. The flammable gas is mainly hydrogen. Very few humans have the gut flora to produce methane. Note that quite severe burns can result from these activities - Ed

The Big Lie:- A technique used to demonise an individual, a cause, religion or a people. An untruth is presented in a convincing way, persistently and consistently so that it becomes universally believed.

Noosphere:- The domain of thought; just as the Biosphere is the domain of life.

Hermeneutic:- The study of interpretation e.g. the study of meaning in the bible.

Ponerology:- The study of evil. Ponerogenic e.g. of a society where psychopaths have power.

Blagging:- Journalists reporting on the NewsCorp bugging scandal have used the word to describe the acquisition of information using impersonation and other 'social engineering' techniques.

Irridenta:- Part of a country that is not of that country's culture and language but of another's.

Earworm:- A tune that keeps running round one's head.

Orthopraxy:- Right conduct, right behaviour (from the Greek ορθοπραξ?α). The term applies to an individual's behaviour and obligatory religious ritual. compare with Orthodoxy.

Deasil: - Clockwise, from the Scots Gaelic - see also Widdershins.

Widdershins: - A word of Germanic origin meaning anticlockwise or, less usually to go against the flow or normal direction. See also Deasil.

Photoshop: - Included here because it is increasing being used as a verb - to 'Photoshop', using the program to improve a model's looks or even create disinformation by adding or removing someone or something from a picture. More recently it reduced to "shopped", referring to an image that altered using the software.

Bushism: -The hapless ex-president of the United States generated some new words the best known is probably the one he used when he asked his critics not to "Misunderestimate" him.

Palinism: - To Refudiate. American presidents and presidential hopefuls are a rich source of amusing material.

Agnotology:- Deliberate encouragement of ignorance, the word came into use to describe the the campaign of disinformation and misinformation produced by the tobacco industry to discredit the link between smoking and cancer. As well as big business and industry Agnotology is used by media barons, the state and the investment banking business.

Agnoiology:- The study of the philosophical and metaphysical dimensions of ignorance and knowability see James Ferrier see also later work of Fitch et al

Agnetiology: - The art of obfuscation

Mubarack:- To hang on to power for longer than necessary - after the deposed Egyptian dictator.

Gnomon: The triangular blade in a sundial.

Iranophobia: The irrational fear of the country Iran. The media and politicians in several countries have been demonizing Iran and its leaders for some time, this to engender fear in their populations.

Cicerone: - Old name for a guide

Teleology: A belief that there is purpose or design in nature. From Greek telos - purpose, end or goal - e.g. Christianity and Islam are Teleological beliefs

Thalweg: The principle that where countries have river or gulf separating the them, that these borders are defined by line drawn along the deepest part of the channel.

Palimpsest: A reused parchment where the wax writing has been removed and new applied. Often the previous text was not removed completely and was still readable. The scriptio inferior was the name given to the underwriting.

Mendonced: To subject to a good kicking. As in 'we gave that slimy bastard a good Mendoncing', also a slimebag or low life.

Spirix: A curved line that has both the characteristics of a spiral and a helix e.g. the curve to be found on the outer surface of an igloo

Isograv: A line on a map joining points of equal gravitational strength.

Sousveillance: Monitoring from underneath - watching the watchers.

What is the difference between an acrostic and an antonym?

Lucullan: - Opulent and magnificent. After Licinius Lucullus, a general in the Roman Army. An invitation to his villa meant a very special banquet, special even by Roman standards. Some would say that had Lucullus not halted the progress of Mithradates we would all be speaking Persian.

Everyone has heard of DYSLEXIA, however what are DYSPRAXIA and DYSCALCULIA? - -

Dyspraxia: - Poor hand /eye and brain/body coordination characterise Dyspraxia. People who are afflicted with the problem tend to flop about.

Dyscalculia: is a poor grasp of numbers and mathematical ideas.

Plantigrade means walking on the soles of the feet.

Realpolitik; Politics not based on ideology but the situation as it is. Sorely needed in this day and age.

Some more:- Acajou, Agdoades, Analect, Apothegm, Archon, Bedizened, Catoptric, Chelae, Chtonian, Distallevi, Draisennes, Emendation, Eponym, Exigent, Factitious, Gemmatra, Gymnosophist, Heteropraxy, Hypalleges, Hysteron Proteron, Keter, Kirpan, Labile, Lubricious, Malditties, Midrassic, Minatory,  Numinous, Ogive, Ogdoad, Obliquies Olemiurge, Proglottid, Paladin, Plerome, Sanivacity, Sefirah, Sefirot, Stoicheia, Sorites, Suasion, Refulgence,Telinic, Temurah, Tilwa'a, Timilays, Zeugmas.

How much is a Smidgeon? how long is a Jiffy?

Letter B words relevant to Boris's British Government -  Bungling, Bumble, Bumbling, Botching Botch, (Badly Botched) Blundering, Berk