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Q: What are some ways to make a small room look larger?

A: Color plays a big role in our perception of size. When painting your walls, use light colors including pastels, neutrals, and whites. Your floor and ceiling, sometimes considered to be the fifth and sixth walls of a room, are also large components of the area so keep the colors light there too. You will be rewarded with a feeling of brightness and openness. Keep to one color when choosing your furnishings and select different shades and textures of that one color for different pieces. However, limit the number and size of items in the room so that it won't appear cluttered. One very large piece may totally ruin the effect you are trying to create. When decorating your walls, however, one reasonably sized painting will work better than several small ones. Lots of lighting also helps us feel like we are in a larger space so buy fixtures which will help the light bounce around the room. Mirrors are super and you might consider covering most or an entire wall with one. Be adventurous with mirror tiles on smaller surfaces too. All mirrors reflect both light and color. Good luck with your project! -- Linda Byard

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