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Religion - Questions on religious topics.

Q: What is the difference between Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy -  Albert Gardner Reply

A: Orthodoxy is the adhering to the correct or approved thinking; being doctrinally correct. Orthopraxy is more to do with correctness of religious ritual, action and behaviour. (from the Greek ορθοπραξ?α or Orthopraxia). Edward Esposito Reply

Q: What is Arrianisme? -  Richard Calcote Reply

A: I have never heard of Arrianisme, but I think you possibly mean Arrianism.  It is more commonly known as Arianism and considered a heretical Christian doctrine that denies the divinity of Jesus Christ. This is what http://www.catholic-forum.com/saints/ncd00761.htm has to say about the Q:-- "The heresy propagated by Arius denying the Divinity of Jesus Christ. Following views which Gnostics had popularized, he regarded the Son of God as standing midway between God and creatures; not like God without a beginning, but possessing all other Divine perfections, not of one essence, nature, substance with the Father and therefore not like him in Divinity; an attribute of the Divine nature, the Logos, or Word, Reason. The heresy for a time threatened to rend asunder the Catholic Church, especially when favored by the emperors of the East. It was the root source of many heresies. Its antagonist Athanasius (296-373) contended for half a century for the term consubstantial (Greek: Homoousion, one and the same, as against Homoiousion, like only) to express the identity of the Son in essence, nature, substance with the Father, which was adopted at the Council of Nicaea, 325. This decision established the doctrine of the Divinity of Christ, and although it did not end the struggle of the Arians for ascendancy, it defeated their efforts to anticipate Mohammed and to introduce Unitarianism as Catholic belief. - Dr Scott J Petersen. Aeredale, Pheonix

Q: Where can I learn about the Zoroastrian religion? Can someone please tell me of any book or web sources, Thanks Reply   22 November (Ref:1022)

A: Lots if you care to look:

www.zoroastrian.org -- for ENGLISH, www.zartoshti.org -- www.spenta.edu for Spenta University-- www.zoroastrianism.cc / for the World of Zoroastrianism (English -Español) www.zoroastriankids.com/ for the Zoroastrian Kids Korner www.booksandbits.com / for Books on Zoroastrian and Other Religions

Best wishes Dariush

Q: What is Fideism? ~ Hamish Grant Reply (Ref:1237)

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Q: Is Mormonism a form of Christianity? Reply


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