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We have had several queries about the sudden disappearance from supermarket shelves of an extremely popular brand of cosmetic toothpaste. It contained a red coloring agent that enhanced gum and tooth contrast. It did not confer Dracula-like qualities. There is a French Product that does exactly the same job - It is called 'Email Diamant' - Strange name, I know but it does the trick - for suppliers just google it and you will find local sources.

One of our readers sent in this useful Reply :-

Answer#1: Red Toothpaste. Hi susan if you mix a small amount of any ordinary toothpaste in a small dish and mix in a few drops of red cake colouring hey presto, regards -- j royle 27/11/09

Answer#2: GORDON MOORES TOOTHPASTE. Hello, in response to your query regarding where to buy Gordon Moore's toothpaste, a similar product can be found on ebay but check out the different prices, its called EMAIL DIAMANT red formula. I hope I've been of some help. thanks. -- 28/05/09

Answer#3: Gordon Moor's cosmetic toothpaste HELLO, I was also searching for this product. It was made by Sara Lee  225 Bath Road Slough SL1 4AU tel. 01753 523971 -- Maybe if more than one of us contact them, they may think of bringing it back. There is another product called  Diamente, made in France, available at Harrods. Not as good as GM's --  Regards  Maggie 12/12/2004 

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Response: Gordon Moores toothpaste 
hi,, I noticed you on TheTipsBank whilst looking foe Gordon Moores toothpaste My friend is looking for the same thing! wondered id you had had any success. We are based in UK.Yours Hopefully Dawn  Dawn Selwood Reply  -- 24 Mar 2004 (Ref:1046)

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