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Sticky Residues: I have found that to remove sticky residue from many surfaces, use silicone spray. I prefer this to WD-40, cause it smells better. For labels on glass, plastic, etc, spray, wait a little, wash either in dishwater, or with a wet dishcloth and a few drops of dish detergent, and it's gone! Sometimes a reapplication is necessary if there's a lot of glue or whatever. I understand that this works, too, removing bumper stickers. Although it has to completely saturated, and has to soak longer, and usually you do have to reapply. I keep a can of silicone spray in my kitchen cupboard ALWAYS! (I even removed all the heavy glue from a plastic peanut butter jar, just to see if I could! It took a little work, but I did it!) --  (Ms) Jonnie T Williams "Jonnie"


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