Bizarre Paranoia # 2

Dear People:

I live in a very old, fine, home, that is registered with the Historical Society, and I have kept it in good condition for the past forty some years that I have lived here, - in agreement with the former owner and the terms of sale which she layed down. This house is on a farm next to the farm owned by Doctor [Name], whose home is now the [Name] Historical Museum. She passed away in 1960 under tragic surcumstances, but at an advanced age. Her death was caused by" electric streaks", as her sister, Dr. Etta [Name] explained, when I was called over there about three days before the Doctor's death. I must confess that I was incredulous, although I have an electrical engineering education, and spent years in this field, before the depression disorganized my field.

However I realized that the Doctor was not in error when I myself was treated to this atrocity- a kind of super radar beam,- used in space work,- by Hitler apparently,-and by us in Viet Nam, in connection with "seeker" frequencies to seek out the Congers in the jungles. This failed because the Congers hung urine soaked rags in the trees and then took off and holed in elsewhere, while our planes blasted the rags. However these "seeker" frequencies have proved valuable in locating gas leaks in transcontinental gas lines. Meanwhile, since then, however, other "seeker"frequencies

of incredible capabilities have been developed, that "home in" on various body parts. Since these "beams", or "frequencies" result in horrible atrocities, I feel that their nature and capabilities should be known, along with "voodoo", hypnosis, and the rest of the ancient "curses" that plagued man since ancient times. Especially since these various "frequencies" may be powered up versions of these.

The purpose of this letter, however, is to seek your help in preventing the destruction of this old historic home- by means of these helicoptors- accompanied by"roof bangers" , This "roof banger" helicopter combination has been used for the past week. These are small, silent helicopters, equipped also with beaming apparatus. According to the F.A.A. men these are the gas line testing machines, and a sheriff's deputy and the Rockford radar traced one to my home, and then on to Fort Atkinson. The F.B.I. and the F.A.A. were removed by Pres. Carter, and my help from the sheriff and Douglas La Follette. Doug is a fine concerned man, and we have a good sheriff. But I must have more effective help, because my roof is in grave danger. Those involved in this atrocity are known- the Commonwealth Edison Co, and a nearby quarry- a subsidiary. my land, and the [Name] farm land are wanted for the limestone in the land. I was told by an involved real estate man , now dead,-that this house would have to be torn down.

These "frequencies" which seem to be concentrated upon my land, especially in the area around the house, seem to menace most plants, especially most of my trees. The leaves have turned yellow and are falling off- before frost. The walnut trees have lost most of their leaves. Birds and animals too are affected. Most birds stay away, or stay for only a short time. Even sparrows. The house was all nested up with them years ago, but not one lives here now. The squirrels and woodchucks seem immune. All eight of my cats in the barns died, including three nests of dead kittens, I found. Our dog got blind. The man across the road went blind too. I have shielded all of my windows, the upper ceiling, and the brick of the house shields well, except for the radioactive beams, and the modulated frequencies, which use long wave carriers. My wife had to leave. Despite shielding, the upstairs is unlivable. I liived in the deep basement during the Carter Administraition. It is some better now, except at night. According to a n article in a magazine- only a short paragraph- this atrocity originated in Atlanta, Georgia. I do know that the early Pre-Hitler Nazis had headquarters in a college there. I think the man- who was a W.W. I. Submarine captain, said it was called Augustana, college. I don't know whether there is a college of that name down there. I went to night school with him in Chicago. Apparently the Nazi thing was fashioned after the Klan, rather than the Fascist thing. But I was told by a plant guard captain that the "Nazis have it in for me".. I had charge of naval parts production from three factories during W.W.II, and I had an awful time putting down sabotage. Something like this roof banging now.

We need powerful, antiterror ist agencies in on this- such as the F.B.I. the F.A.A. and the E.P.A. Both of these creepy things are in Illinois,- and the Illinois E.P.A. man told me that the "Commonwealth Edison company is more powerful than the State of Illinois". I remember that President Roosevelt had trouble with Insull- and had to haul him back from Europe, where he was hiding. These beams also cause tornadoes or cyclones. Natural cyclones consists of one"cone", but these have several. One [illegible]cyclone- of seven cones- originating from the microwaves:streaks shot into the air from the quarry- cut a wide swath in my farm- and wrecked the roof of the house , hit three years ago,- causing 10,500 dollars damage. It was inspected by two meteorologists, who traced seven cones. Another tragic thing is the microwave and radioactive frequencies modulated into into our house curent frequencies. I have two Geiger counters which warn me of radioactive frequencies which can poison foods in the refrigerator. One of these Geigers sets up loud beep alarms and bright flashes when radioactivity is present. I then call the sheriff. There is a man who heads the E.P.A. in Chicago, who is apparently utterly stupid and unaware of this terrible menace that is cancering millions. But the Washington E.P.A. seems to be more concerned, and came out to abolish leaded gasoline a few days after I warned them about this leaded gasoline menace, especially in the cities. This concentrates low above the ground- being heavy, and is disastrously affecting our youngsters. The effect of lead is horribly similar to radioactivity- including genetic problems, and menacing our future generation with pointed heads, or, vicious, violent, natures. One family, who lived near here, had two children with pointed heads- able to utter only a few garbled words- and one boy who could think of nothing to do except breaking, destroying, pillaging, violence. He hit a little girl over the head with a pipe, but not big enough, or strong enough to kill her. His cousin, aged 3 1/2, is completely sex mad, as well. He threw huge stones- for him- at my car window. Also the contents of a bottle of pop- then the bottle. I can't tell you what the father of this boy did sexually- to this boy. He was "punished"- with probation. There is a horrible, hidden, nuclear plant in the quarry. I got two bags of lime, for bricklaying that were so radioactive that I began to bleed internally. You can just imagine what is happening to our dairy cattle- and the milk- when this kind of lime is spread in dairy barns. Radioactivity- and lead- result in need for pain killers- drugs- and pep-er upers- booze- pop- sweet stuff.


 Another cyclone was planned two years ago, judging by the electric streaks,
but I called the sheriff and had it stopped.




Originations and Inventions
The Marilyn Red Muscat-grape
The Sweet Sue grape
The Ladwig pear
The Rockland Black Walnut - largest easy cracking black walnut.
Other Hybrids under test.

The shower shoe-street clog.
Worn by millions since 1928.
The vibrating battery charger.
First practical home car battery charger. Charged millions in '20's to 40's. Now obsolete. The G.E. electric "greenhouse". Small thermostatically controlled propagating tray.
Others - best forgotten

Contributions and Concerns
The plow and plant idea - 1945 ONE OF THE FIRST to warn that war waste of natural resources and associated ecological, pollution, and radiation menaces would result in world crisis. The First to WARN (1973) of the new super menace - the directed, untraceable electromagnetic beam, that combines, in one instrument, all of the torture, death dealing, depravity and mind destroying schemes ever conceived by maniacs in history.
It can topple our government and democratic way of life. (Includes sex depravity and enzyme destroying beams in modulated, microwave, and radioactive forms.)

* * * * * *
Save our climate and natural rainfall. Denounce tropical rainforest destruction by greedy unprincipled, multinational cartels. Denounce menacing microwave and radioactive weather control. Protect MOTHER NATURE and she will protect YOU.
The Three D's, for Man.
Dignity, Decency, Democracy. (Some add a fourth - Diety.)
THE BIG D - Democracy - Freedom - WITH RESPONSIBILITY. The three antitheses: Death, Destruction, Depravity.
It was science, the sugar of lead technology - that destroyed the ancient world - not the Christians.
They put an end to the depravity.

When Men's thoughts become computerized indictments -
When men die within.
As circuits hum.

When green lands sicken,
So deserts may bloom, -
So gold may flow -
And power grow, -
When electrons, neutrons, and atoms march, -
Who will beat the drum?

When we're not here,
But from us others grow -
Who, muted, might ask,
"What did you do, what did they do, -
To keep skies bright and blue?"

Yes, now is the hour,
Now is the power,
To keep us free.

Now is the Day,
Now is the Time,
To proclaim Democracy.

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