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Bizarre Paranoia # 1

Invisible personnel of surveillance system-  Philadelphia Experiment & invisible personnel 

Revised 8/11/2001 (1/2) Please declassify invisibility technology (It is same as remote-viewing of Psi-Tech company and was highly Classified operation Grill-Flame in  Defense Intelligence Agency before 1992) because current surveillance  station/system become the hot-bed of traitors, assassins, murderers and  drug-traffickers.

Why invisibility technology must be declassified?  Because current surveillance station/system has become the hot-bed of traitors, assassins, murderers and even drug-traffickers after  involved LEO of surveillance system secretly cooperate with local police  and foreign involved officers to use invisibility technology to unlawfully  control everyone's life from local to overseas for several decades.  Now, I would like to explain it in details. 

By using the government as a pretense to cover-up their criminal activities,  some involved law enforcement officials (LEO) of surveillance system have unlawfully controlled Americans'' lives by employing invisible personnel (see details on Part I-B of my website). Their activities have become criminal  because the "invisible personnel" have gone too far for several decades.. 

*The invisible personnel include the federal (including military) involved  LEO and local involved police who have used invisibility technology. Also,  there are civilians who have been recruited to work for full time "invisible operatives." That's because involved LEO & local police of surveillance station/system can only work part time as invisible personnel since they  have regular jobs. Furthermore, the invisible operatives are responsible to deliver microwave voice to their target in mind control case, or for  unlawful interrogation at victim's home. The goal is to prevent involved LEO/police's real identities from being exposed. 

Some involved LEO become criminal cowards because they also use  invisibility technology to become invisible personnel then commite murders  and crimes. Not only do they secretly enter Americans' homes, offices,  vehicles, etc. to keep all American people under close surveillance and read  their minds, but the invisible personnel have also unlawfully induced  illness/death on Americans whom they dislike (e.g. the former President  Reagan, Florida Governor Lawton Chiles, Senator Paul Coverdell, expert  witness Carlos Ghigliotti - see details cases on Part II-C1, C2, C3, C4). Furthermore, to pursue their own unlawful interests and power, some local involved police/invisible personnel have directed invisible operatives to use  microwave voices to drive violent students to cause mass murder in  Oregon & Mississippi school shootings (see details on Part II-D1, D2).  It means that some involved LEO who are also invisible personnel of  surveillance station/system not only have secretly used the infamous  dictatorial rules (the infamous world government dictatorial rules was  designed by FEMA and founded by Zbigniew Brzezinski), instead of the law  and Constitution to unlawfully regulate everyone in US, but they also  unlawfully used illness/death inducing techniques to control everyone's  life/health (including US leaders, Governors, Congressmen, officers, citizens).

(attachment)-.New World Order & ELF Psychotronic Tyranny by C. B.  Bake on December 1994  ============

Zbigniew Brzezinski, the founding director of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission, also served as President Jimmy Carter's National Security  Director, where he founded the infamous FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) that is designed to implement world government  dictatorial rules over the U.S.A. =========== 

These personnel dare to unlawfully induce illness/death on other persons  because they become invisible and tiny after using invisibility technology.  Thus, they know that other persons can never see them and will not  believe that the tiny invisible personnel (smaller than "little spirits" in  Pandora box) are from human to secretly induce illness/death on  citizens as if natural cause. 

That's why in 1965-1970, Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency  used the operation "PANDORA" codename to study how to induce heart seizures, create leaks in the blood/brain barrier and production of auditory hallucinations. That's because after using invisibility technology, the  personnel become invisible and tiny size - smaller than "little spirits" of  Pandora box. Also, the invisible personnel can induce illness/death (e.g.  induced cerebral hemorrhage, heart-attack, heart failed) on human as  PANDORA box's "little spirits" to spread illness/death on man (please see details on Part II-A1). The research goal was to use invisible personnel  to assassinate enemy's (e.g. Soviet Unions) leader with illness/death  inducing techniques. Unfortunately, after the illness/death inducing  techniques had been developed successfully, the invisible personnel  secretly abuse these techniques to control everyone's life. 

(Source) "Some Aspects of Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons"  by David G. Guyatt on 3/8/1996, UK -prepared for the Red Cross (ICRC) ========== 

From 1965 through to 1970, Defense Advanced Projects Research  Agency (DARPA), with up to 70-80% funding provided by the military,  set in motion operation PANDORA to study the health and psychological  effects of low intensity microwaves with regard to the so-called "Moscow  signal." This project appears to have been quite extensive and included  (under U.S. Navy funding) studies demonstrating how to induce heart  seizures, create leaks in the blood/brain barrier and production of  auditory hallucinations.  ========== 

The involved LEO/invisible personnel secretly taught their invisible  operatives that their special jobs have made them as if the sisters,  brothers of "a family's members." That's because only they use invisibility technology to become tiny invisible personnel. Beside invisible personnel themselves, no other officer can watch and control these tiny invisible personnel's secret activities. Thus, they use the invisibility technology  as their advantage to pursue their own interests, power.

Also, every invisible personnel (involved LEO & operatives) can unlawfully  induce illness/death on any other citizen, officer whom they dislike to  secretly pursue their own interests. So, the corrupted invisible personnel's activities become criminal.When they pursue their unlawful interests  and power, the invisible personnel will completely disregard government  superior officer's order & law. Since these involved LEO (who are also  invisible personnel of surveillance station/system that leads other  invisible personnel & operatives in action) are secretly subverting the Constitution and our laws, these invisible personnel (involved LEO &  invisible operatives) have become a secret, independent group in our  society who do not follow the law. Their secret goal is to form a special  invisible personnel group to unlawfully control everyone's life after  invisibility technology has been kept a top secret. 

To pursue unlawful life control on everyone, the involved LEO/invisible  personnel have further cooperated with local police department and  foreign involved LEO to transfer the invisibility technology to them.  The goal is to unlawfully control everyone's life from local to overseas.  On surface, they only transferred some mind control technology to  local police department and foreign involved LEO to pursue citizens  control. However, the reality is that the involved LEO/invisible personnel have also secretly designed an infamous world government dictatorial  rules for every invisible personnel as their COMMON RULES to use  and trained every invisible personnel (involved LEO & operative) with  illness/death inducing techniques. Thus, every country's invisible  personnel (from US local involved police, recruited operatives to  overseas foreign involved LEO) are not only the reliable  assassin/murderer, but they also ALL have secretly used the  infamous world government dictatorial rules instead of their country's  laws, Constitution to unlawfully regulate everyone. 

To pursue their own interests, local involved police have also recruited  many people to work for them as full time invisible operatives. Thus, the  invisible operatives (recruited from local civilians) become the involved LEO/invisible personnel's secret mercenaries in local & federal surveillance station/system. The higher rank involved LEO/invisible personnel are the  real leader of other invisible personnel. For example, local County/City  police chief who also use invisibility technology to become invisible  personnel are the leaders of local invisible personnel (involved police,  recruited operatives from civilians. However, a elected police chief  from people is not an invisible personnel). They will cooperate with  federal involved LEO/invisible personnel, operatives who work at local to  unlawfully control local Americans' lives. The involved LEO/invisible  personnel can lead the secret mercenaries to commit crimes with invisibility technology and operate independently of the country's laws. Other  public officials and Congress can never regulate the invisible personnel  because their secret activities cannot be watched and controlled after  using invisibility technology. 

When they take secret actions, these invisible personnel (involved LEO & operatives) will not obey the orders of the US President, Attorney General,  CIA's Director, FBI's Director to follow the law. However, these invisible  personnel will follow the unlawful order from involved high rank career LEO  who are also invisible personnel of local or federal surveillance  station/system to commit crimes. Why? 

Under such involved LEO/invisible personnel's leadership, all invisible  personnel have become a special secret group to unlawfully control  everybody's lives. They can secretly collect a person's life/health  information as his secret ID-tag. Since the life/health information  never relate with one's loyalty, personality, honesty, the invisible  personnel only can use this health/life information as the reference when they want to induce illness/death on a target as if natural cause. 

The invisible personnel have many experiences in manipulation of  Americans' health, live without most victims' knowledge (e.g. inducing  flu-like symptoms - see details on Part V-C). They frequently practice the illness inducing techniques on citizens because they want to unlawfully control everybody' lives and secretly induce illness/death (as if natural cause) on those persons who know their crimes, corruption and whom they dislike. Thus, these invisible personnel frequently use illness/death inducing techniques to get rid of others (including Governor, Senator, judges, witnesses, etc.) to pursue their personal, unlawful interests and power (see details on Part II-C2, C3, C4, Part V-B1 of my website). 

Furthermore, some local invisible personnel have used microwave voice device to mind control some unaware violent school students to cause mass murder in Oregon, Mississippi school shootings (see details school shootings on Part II-D1, D2 of my website). These local invisible personnel rather committed such kind of cruel crimes because they always put their own unlawful interests first. The Oregon, Mississippi school shootings which had been related with mind control device, not only can increase the total number of school shootings (including non-mind control cases), but also kill numerous people in these mind controlled school shootings, which will increase the public's fear. This will lead to the pursue of tighter gun control, more funding, manpower for involved police and can request more advanced nonlethal weapons (useful for inducing illness/death) for involved LEO/invisible personnel of surveillance station/system. 

Considering with the secret murder cases about Florida Governor Lawton Chiles (see details on Part II-C2 of my website), Senator Paul Coverdell (see details on Part II-C3 of my website), judges (see details on Part V-B1), witness (see details on Part II- C4 from my website), and some mind controlled school shootings (see details on Part D1, D2 of my website), these facts completely prove that most invisible operatives are not real government employees, but only the secret mercenaries of involved LEO (invisible personnel) of local or federal surveillance station/system. Also, most invisible personnel (involved LEO & operatives) have been seriously corrupted. They will always put their own interests first (above the nation interest) and completely disregard the law. The invisible personnel's secret activities have become out of control because they already switched their loyalty and become secret members of "the international life control group/gang" (see explanation in details later). 

Where is the invisibility technology from and how have the invisible personnel achieved all of this? 

According to inside information from former Taiwan President Chiang Kai-Shek, invisibility technology has been developed successfully by the US Navy in WWII. In 1950s, it was transferred to Taiwan and the invisible personnel have been used in Taiwan's surveillance system. When using the invisibility technology, the personnel and equipment become tiny, invisible and have the ability to levitate (floating in the air as if weightless). Then, by using propulsion equipment, every invisible personnel can fly around like a "small plane or helicopter." Thus, these invisible personnel can gently fly onto a person's head to control his emotions, brain functions or mind control him without his knowledge. Also, they can gently land on a target's body (near any organ) to induce illness/death without the unaware victim's knowledge (see details on Part II-A of my website). 

When Chiang Ching-Kuo (a son of Chiang Kai-Shek) was the director of Taiwan's surveillance system, the invisible personnel induced illness/death on many of Taiwan's public officials whom Chiang Ching-Kuo disliked. 

Note: Chiang Ching-Kuo is Chiang Kai-Shek's eldest son and was mainly responsible for surveillance & intelligence in Taiwan during 1950-60s. Later, Chiang Ching-Kuo could then become the President of Taiwan because he used invisible personnel to secretly induce illness/death on his political opponents (such as Chiang Kai-Shek's vice president Chang-Chen and other political persons who didn't support Chiang Ching-Kuo- see details on Part II-F1 of my website). Thus, the invisible personnel of the United States, where this technology originated, must do the same thing. That's because Taiwan's invisible personnel's secret unlawful activities also follow the infamous world government dictatorial rules which was originally designed by US involved LEO/invisible personnel. 

Since 1960s, US invisible personnel have secretly entered citizens' homes, workplaces, vehicles for surveillance purposes and citizen control. Unfortunately, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely! After involved LEO of surveillance system developed illness/death inducing techniques to control human life, they became corrupt. Their unlawful goal is to become above the law and to secretly control everyone's life from every local surveillance station/system. Thus, the invisible personnel unlawfully use illness inducing techniques to control citizens' health (e.g., reported cases in _Microwave Harassment & Mind Control Experimentation_ by Julianne McKinney, December 1992). Also, they unconstitutionally use death inducing techniques to control everyone's life (e.g.inducing death on Judges Battle & Judge Miller - see details on Part V-B1, assassinated former Florida Governor Lawton Chiles - see details on Part II-C2, assassinated Senator Paul Coverdell -see details on Part II- C3 of my website).

To protect their own interests, the invisible personnel have secretly infiltrated many political parties and different organization. Their goal is to influence or mislead these Parties/organization and secretly murder an opponent to pursue their own interests. Thus, to obtain their own unlawful interests, criminal life control power, the invisible personnel have murdered two major political parties' leaders. For example, the invisible personnel have murdered Florida Governor Lawton Chiles of democratic party (see details Part II-C2) and Republican Party's Senator Paul Coverdell (see details on Part II-C3 of my website). 

The above facts prove that invisible personnel's criminal activities do not belong to any political party and only belong to invisible personnel themselves. Why? Because the invisible personnel are not really political persons but the secret members of "the international life control group/gang (see details on Part III-A1)." Thus, sometime, the invisible personnel's criminal activities on a political leader might benefit another political party on surface. However, the invisible personnel's real goal is always to pursue their own unlawful interests and power.but not for any political party. 

Now, I would use the Election 2000 as an example to further clarify the invisible personnel's criminal activities 

After the Presidential election concluded, we find that the involved LEO/invisible personnel have done three things - First, they murdered Senator Paul Coverdell. Second, during Election 2000, the video-tape of George W Bush debate preparation was sent to Al Gore's Presidential campaign. Third, the Bush DUI event suddenly be exposed 4 days before election. Obviously, the above every single event would interfere with George W Bush's Presidential campaign in the Election 2000 in different time. Thus, it has caused me to deduce that the involved LEO/invisible personnel of surveillance station/system have intentionally interfered with George W Bush Presidential campaign in Election 2000. 

Why would the invisible personnel want to interfere with George W Bush Presidential campaign? 

The short answer is still that they pursue their own unlawful interests and power. Below is the detail explanation. 

Former President Bill Clinton didn't know about invisibility technology and had several sex scandal. This caused Clinton to become a weak leader. When local involved LEO/invisible personnel used microwave voice device to drive some violent students to cause Oregon and Mississippi school shootings (see details on Part II-D1, D2 of my website), Clinton even could not know the truth that some local involved police/invisible personnel of surveillance station/system had become the manipulators who drove the violent students to cause the Oregon and Mississippi school shootings. 

Thus, Clinton didn't correct the mind control murder cases of Oregon & Mississippi school shootings and only increased funding, manpower, gun control for police. Furthermore, Clinton was also misled to allow the sound & radiation wave weapons to be called nonlethal weapons and transferred these weapons from military to involved LEO of surveillance station/system. Thus, the involved LEO/invisible personnel of surveillance station/system can easily use these advanced sound & radiation wave weapons to unlawfully control everyone's life and secretly induce illness/death on their targets (e.g. Florida Governor Lawton Chiles and Senator Paul Coverdell) as if natural cause.. 

The above condition (increase funding, manpower, gun control and development sound & radiation wave weapons for involved LEO of surveillance station/system) are the involved LEO/invisible personnel's always pursuit and would like to keep forever. 

Thus, they considered that if Al Gore could win the President Election in 2000, he should not change above situation as Clinton to benefit the involved LEO/invisible personnel. Therefore, the involved LEO/invisible personnel started to interfere with George W Bush to be elected the President. That's why the involved LEO/ invisible personnel of surveillance station/system would murder Senator Paul Coverdell first. Then, a secret mole mail the vedio-tape of Bush's debate preparation to Al Gore's Presidential campaign. Furthermore, they exposed the DUI case's accuracy date, month, year to a lawyer and setup a TV reporter to expose the Bush's DUI as if she accidentally saw the DUI copy. Since the above crimes obviously do not belong to any political party, it must be caused by involved LEO/invisible personnel of surveillance station/system. 

Now, I would describe in details: 

(1). The invisible personnel murdered Senator Paul Coverdell with cerebral hemorrhage inducing technique, it caused Senator Coverdell's a blood vessel rupture and died in hospital's operation room on 7/18/2001. This murder happened before Republican National Convention (see details on Part II-C3 of my website). According to Associated Press report on 7/18/2001, Senator Coverdell was the Senate liaison for Texas Gov. George W. Bush’s presidential campaign and had been busy preparing for the Republican National Convention. 

To combine with other events (including video-tape and DUI) which happened in George W Bush Presidential campaign during election 2000, it appears that the murder goal must be to interfere with George W Bush's Presidential campaign and Republican National Convention. 

According to The Associated Press report on A T L A N T A, July 18, Sen. Paul Coverdell, a congressional workhorse who quickly ascended to a leadership post and served as the Senate point man for longtime friend George W. Bush, died today. He was 61. Coverdell had surgery Monday to relieve pressure from a cerebral hemorrhage but died from swelling in the brain, according to Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital. The senator, who had reported no serious health problems in the past, was hospitalized Saturday night after complaining of severe headaches. 

Behind-the-Scenes Liaison He also was the Senate liaison for Texas Gov. George W. Bush’s presidential campaign and had been busy preparing for the Republican National Convention, which begins in Philadelphia in two weeks. Paul Coverdell was one of the kindest and most decent men I met in my entire life, former President Bush said in a statement. We shall miss him as we would miss our own son. 

(2). During Election 2000, Al Gore's campaign suddenly received an video tape which was related with George W Bush's debate preparation. Such kind of action would interfere with George W Bush in the Presidential candidate debate 

This secret mole obviously did not belong to Democratic Party because Al Gore's campaign immediately turned it (vedio-tape) over to FBI. However, this person must be related with involved LEO/invisible personnel of surveillance station/system to work for Bush's Presidential campaign as a secret mole and unlawfully (as the invisible personnel's usual activities) interfere with George W Bush's Presidential campaign. Obviously, it is unbelievable to say that the secret mole committed such serious crime to damage George W Bush's Presidential campaign without involving personal interests. 

(3). The Bush's DUI was suddenly exposed just 4 days before election. 

Without knowing the exact information on the date, month, and year in which the George W. Bush was arrested for DUI several decades ago, even a lawyer cannot find the case from a local court-house. Thus, it is obvious that the lawyer received inside information on this DUI case of Bush from the local police or other involved LEO of surveillance station/system. Thus, the lawyer could know the exact date, month, and year on this DUI case to trackdown the record from the courthouse. So, he could get a copy of the Bush's DUI from court-house and showed it to a TV reporter. 

Now, the another interesting question is that why is the information exposed 4 days before election? 

It is obviously another mind control tactic to suddenly destroy George W Bush's reputation and cause voters to distrust Bush. 

I don't think the above tactic is directed by Al Gore although the above situation will benefit him. 

I deduce that this event is caused by involved LEO/invisible personnel of surveillance station/system and the lawyer only received detail information from them (About the DUI case please see details on Part II-A8 of my website). 

The above facts show that involved LEO/invisible personnel of surveillance station/system have secretly used their ability to unlawfully influence the Presidential Election. Although they didn't succeed, both Democratic, Republican party and US voters would not agree with them and cannot allow the invisible personnel's criminal activities to happen on any election anymore. 

The invisible personnel are secretly subverting the US Constitution and become the Nazi SS of themselves because they have used illness/death inducing techniques to deny many Americans' basic right to life. Some of these involved LEO/invisible personnel of surveillance station/system must be criminals. Not only do they dare to induced death on a current Governor and a Senator, but they have induced illness on a former President. To prevent former President Ronald Reagan from possibly revealing the secret of invisibility technology in his biography, the invisible personnel induced Reagan to have Alzheimer's disease - see details on Part II-C1 of my website. 

The United States's involved LEO of surveillance system are the main catalyst for spreading the unlawful life control surveillance system around the world. Besides Taiwan, the US has also worked with other foreign LEO and have gradually shared the invisibility technology, illness/death inducing techniques, and non-lethal weapons with them to build similar unlawful life control surveillance systems in many other countries. It doesn't matter if the foreign country is an ally, an enemy, communist, or any other form of government, the US involved LEO have shared these technologies with them. How did they achieve it all? 

Under the pretense of protecting national security, US involved LEO of surveillance station/system have setup working agreements with many  foreign LEO in the world. On the surface, their cooperation is to fight  international criminal organizations such as drug cartels and terrorists.  The reality is that the US involved LEO have secret agreements with foreign involved LEO to share the invisibility technology and illness/death inducing techniques. Their unlawful goal is to expand their unlawful life control  power over the lives of citizens living overseas. Their secret cooperation  includes the exchange of life and health information on their overseas  citizens with the involved country. Also, they secretly allow foreign involved LEO to use the invisibility technology, equipment, etc. of the host country's surveillance station/system to spy on and control their overseas  officers, citizens' lives (who are from visiting LEO's country). Thus, any  involved country's invisible personnel could also unlawfully use the  illness/death inducing techniques to secretly murder their political  opponents and pursue their unlawful interests, power, etc. The US  involved LEO of surveillance system have, for several decades, shared the invisibility technology with most countries in the world, no matter if the country is Communist, Capitalist, an ally or an enemy (e.g. the UK, Russia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Iraq, etc. - see details on Part III-A1 of my website). For example, before Saddam Hussein became the leader of Iraq, he was responsible for Iraq's surveillance system, so he knows about invisibility technology. Since he runs Iraq's surveillance system, he was able to avoid  US airstrikes. 

In the invisible personnel's international conspiracy of unlawful life control, the invisible personnel of every country have common unlawful interests, keep the same secrets, and have committed the same crimes of murder. The above facts binds them together like the criminal family members of "an international life control gang group." I will explain this in the next four points. 

1. These invisible personnel of every country pursue the same unlawful power: they secretly pursue to unlawfully control every citizen's health, life with nonlethal weapons & illness/death inducing techniques. 

2. They committed the same crimes of murder: even in a democratic country, some of these invisible personnel have become Nazi SS of themselves.  When the invisible personnel pursue their unlawful interests and power,  they dare induced illness/death on political leaders. Why? I would explain  it based on CIA inducing death research. 

According to Washington Post report on 4/2/1979, since 1950s, Office of Strategic Services (the World War II predecessor of the CIA) researched  on methods to induce death to knock off or assassinate their targets, so  the targets appeared to die of natural causes. "The CIA project apparently  started with an undated, unsigned note indicating concern about the  vulnerability of US leaders to assassination by natural causes." 

will be continued..

 Dr Yu

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