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Welcome to the Website of the UK Kalimpong Association - Final version

A popular feature of our site has been that visitors have been able to download current and older copies of the the Association's newsletters. These will still be available from the global OGB site: www.dghogbs.com

This website will no longer be hosted at its current address, but will be archived and available for the foreseeable future at www.thetipsbank.com/kalimpong/index.html

Happy Children

On our archived website you can still  read past issues of our newsletter. There are also  some articles and some early photographs. We hope that many of you have found our website useful and entertaining.

The new Global OGB Association website is more than a replacement for this site. It is a useful focus for all OGBs. To get the most from it sign up and use the forum and other facilities.  www.dghogbs.com 

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