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Question Odors. How can we get gasoline spill out of our van? Husband was carrying filled gasoline cans in the back for our mower and some spilled. Thanks,  Reply 09/07/2005(Ref:1154)

Question Gasoline Odors Out of Clothes???   Hi, I need help getting gas odors out of some clothing, I have tried mean green, Amway products, stain removers, and washed and washed with no results, anyone got an idea or KNOWS please e-mail me at Reply  Thank you Debbie Martin (Ref:1091-1105)

Question Gas on Clothing.  Hi there, Just wondering if you ever got any answers to your question regarding gasoline on clothes. I need help. Thanks. Reply  06/07/2005

Q: Gasoline Odor. Hello, One of the people I live with drove her gasoline leaking car into the garage. I noticed it when there were gasoline odors in most of the house. She removed the car to the outside and I left the garage doors open and put kitty litter on the areas that had not dried in five hours. My question is when I have someone sweep the litter out of the garage and it still smells should they repeat the application of the kitty litter until the smell is gone. Unfortunately we have a house where the garage is under the bedrooms and connected to the first level of the house where the laundry room is. The dryer is vented out to the garage and I am afraid to use the drier until the gasoline problem is gone. The vent is about two feet from the spill. We have a window in the back of the double car garage and a door on the side of the garage. We would like to close the two garage doors for security sake. Would one open window be enough ventilation to keep the smells in the garage until they evaporate. and how long can we leave kitty litter on the gasoline spills? And where do we dispose of the gasoline inundated kitty litter when we finish using it? Also is there a way of blocking the entry of the fumes into the laundry room through the door that is between that room and the garage? The garage doors have been open for 48 hours and the kitty litter has been down for 36 hours, all 40lbs of it. The mean temperature here is 20 degrees Fahrenheit so the gasoline isn't evaporating any too quickly. Thanks for your Reply. Reply  Dec 31 2004 (Ref:1057)

Q: Gasoline smell in car. How do you remove gasoline from the seats of motor vehicles?  See i spilt a great deal of gas on my car seat. Please respond-- Joshua Kliskey Reply  28 Dec 2002 (Ref:0891)

Question Did you ever get rid of gasoline smell? Hi..I ran across an entry about gasoline smell on car seats and wondered if you ever found a solution to the smell. We got gasoline on the carpet of our boat and can't get rid of the smell. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Sue  Reply 22/07/2005   (Ref:1143)

Q:  Gasoline Stains. I spilled gasoline on some clothing and other fabric materials. I would like  suggestions on how to get the smell out. -- Reply  (Ref:0427)

A: Gasoline Smell . If the clothes are able to be dry cleaned, the OMS used in dry cleaning should take it out. Check with your dry cleaners. -- Knotts, David, Civilian" David.A.Knotts. 21/04/08

Q: Gasoline Spill on Clothing  Please help! I've spilled gasoline on my favorite jacket (washable) and other clothing. I have washed them twice in Tide and the smell is still there. How can I get it out? Thanks, Barb Barb" Reply  (Ref:0331)

Q: Gasoline Spill. I spilled gasoline on my garage floor, and some seeped into a crack in the Concrete. Short of ripping up the floor, how can I get rid of the smell? My Dog sleeps in the garage, and I have to keep him inside. -- Reply (Ref:0012)

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