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Q: Clay Soil Problems

Q:  Indoor Money Plant. When i water it the water just comes off from the other end without the plant absorbing it. It has stopped growing. Could you help me please. -- Lalitha 73 Reply (Ref:0657) 

A: Indoor Money Plant. Repotting with fresh compost. -- Kim Laithwaite Hartlepool England Comment

Q: Rodents  I think that squirrels or some other rodent is nipping buds off my tulips and poppies. What can I do? -- CraftyGirl Reply (Ref:0671)

A: Pepper or chili powder is effective at discouraging small mammals. I know it succeeds with cats and dogs. -- Davina Martin

Unanswered Questions

Q: Lawn Infestation. Hi, We have a lawn which is being invaded by what appears to be a very miniature clover, in other words a very small leaved growth, that currently has some very small yellow flowers. This growth is choking out all grasses. The herbicide which takes out clover has had no effect. Some assistance would be much appreciated. - "Helmut Meuris" Reply.  Ref:0085

Q: Pine cones. I want to regenerate a small scots pine wood using the fir cones from the existing pines. I believe you have to stratisfy the cones to get them to germinate. Can any one tell me how to do this. All help will be gratefully received -- Rory  Reply  (Ref:0683)

Q: Killing grass Grass is suddenly taking over my garden. I currently hand pull it out, but it is too much. How can I kill it and not damage my flowers? -- Roberta Fry Reply (Ref:0644)

Q: Anthurium  Can someone tell me why my Anthurium plant has dark brown spots developing on the leaves? -- Nusrat.Khan Reply  (Ref:0650)

Q: Chrysanthemums. What time of the year should I cut back my Chrysanthemums - Reply  (Ref:1080)

Q: Black Spot. Would like to know what is causing black spot on shrubs and trees. R. M. Foster. -- Reta Foster Reply (Ref:0017)  

Q: Gardening. We are having trouble with our neighbours male dog urinating on our hostas, etc. What can I do or put on or near the plants to keep him from doing this? I heard there is some kind of hot red pepper solution mix or using moth balls. Also, will this same solution keep squirrels, etc., from eating off these plants?. -- Reply (Ref:0018)  


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