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Copies of your Travel Documents. Scan your travel document details then e-mail them to yourself. You can then retrieve them if the originals get lost or stolen. Do the same with the relevant pages on your passport. -- Umma,  Germany

Fake Wallet: If you are heading for a city or country where there is a high risk of street robbery then you should consider having a fake wallet, fill it with credit cards which have expired and other impressive cards along with some cash, possibly low value foreign currency. See also the article on Security

Taking Liquids on a Plane: Here in the UK there is a limit to the quantity of liquids and gels to be taken on board an aircraft in pesonal baggage. Sometimes it is nice to travel without the delays and inconvenience of large suitcases that will need to be consigned to the aircraft hold. Muji, a High Street chain of shops sells hundred millilitre screw top containers, exactly the amount allowed, so shampoos, conditioners etc can be brought along. The store is worth a visit for other reasons; innovative Japanese designed goods can be acquired at surprisingly good prices. Many neat and useful items ~ Roxy E

Your Passport Should Be In a Body Belt or Similar. I like the idea of one of your contributors; she suggested that you email scanned copies of the relevant pages so that in the event of loss you can download them and at least prove who you are and that visas have been issued to you. -- Derek Naismith

When you are going abroad two luggage tags on your suitcase are better than one. One with your home address and the other with your destination, however if you are leaving your home empty you may reconsider the second label.-- Edmund Budkeiwicz

Avoid DVT:  DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis is a risk that you run on longer flights and one which can be reduced dramatically if one takes simple advice. Get up out of your seat and walk about once an hour or so. Be sure to take a couple of aspirin tablets before and during the flight. KEEP A PACKET WITH YOUR PASSPORT. That way you will not forget them. DVT is much more common than the airlines would like you to believe. -- Mertash Wesali Milton Keynes

Spot your Suitcase: Tie a small strip of brightly coloured piece of fabric round the handle of your suitcase. As soon as it comes on to the carousel it is immediately visible. - Big Zookeeper


Fear of Flying Here's a free online course to help with the fear of flying. Stacey Chance  

When packing your shaving foam make sure that you have it in a place where it can do no damage should it leak. At the very least have the top on!!! -- Tim White -

Ear Popping. Avoid flying if you have cold, flu, or serious hay-fever. If you have to fly take an oral decongestant before and after landing. For babies letting them suck a bottle or dummy will help them reduce earache. Popping ears: To prevent ear popping when travelling by air suck sweets, sip drinks, swallow, chew, or yawn when problems start to occur. – Scott E.

Ear-Popping. I recommend using ear plugs, put them in 30 mins before take-off and take them out after landing. A good brand is "Ear-planes" which is specifically designed for this. Dan. (Daniel Penny) 

Air-sickness: Sit above the wing where there is least turbulence – Scott E 1998.

To find ways of getting to that holiday or business destination without flying there you can find alternate transport via -- Graham Peck Dallas Texas 

Biting Insects. To make yourself less appealing to insects wear light colored clothing. - Anon. A shower immediately before you go out will also help, -- Ed

Unwanted Insects: Avoid wearing yellow anywhere where there are annoying and biting insects as it attracts insects. -- Scott Ed.

 On holiday in Brittany last year we were constantly caught out trying to buy bread mid-day and in the early afternoon. Stock up in the early morning or early evening -- Rouhi Peck Wimbledon


Things like 'kids travel free' are now just about a  standard practice in  online travel cover - so if you're being charged  more for the pleasure  it's likely you are being 'done'. -- Nick Garner

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