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Cleaning the Bottom of an Iron

Several answers regarding gunk on the sole plate of your iron.

Q: Cleaning the Surface of an Iron  I ironed something that has left a sticky residue on the face of my iron. What is the best way to clean it so it doesn't stick to other clothes I'm trying to iron? -- Reply

Answer #1: Iron Gunk Remover Tip --   I'm not sure where your from but in the US, WalMart stores now carry a product that removed the stuff from the underside of the iron.  It coms in small 1 " to 2" tubes.  You heat the iron, put the stuff on the hot iron, wipe away stinky stuff (for me its stitch witchery since I quit using it) with a cotton cloth that can handle the heat.  Then when it cools down, I use a soap/water rag to clean it again.  This product at Walmart is usually where they sell the tub hangers and there are two tubes per package for less than $2. Also, peanut butter will remove gum.  It dissolves it.  I managed to fall asleep when little and my mom/grandma used it to get the gum out of my hair without the need for a buzz job hair cut! -- Cathi Catherine Banks Reply 14 Oct 2003

Answer #2 : Stuck on Gunk on iron  Try using a product called "Goof-Off" available at Walmart, Home Depot, Canadian Tire or any hardware or paint store. --Rob Glory Reply  04/01/2005

Answer #3: Gunk on Iron. Hi, I don't know if you ever received an answer for removing gunk from the bottom of your iron but please, never use a razor blade.  You will destroy the sole plate of your iron.  A very easy, safe home remedy is table salt.  Heat your iron the the hottest temperature, pour a couple tablespoons on a soft towel and place your HOT iron on the towel and using pressure, move your iron in a circular motion.  It will remove the residue, glue and build up from fabrics, interfacings, etc.  I work with costumes and always have iron cleaner on hand but when I tried the salt, found it works just as well.  Now, if you still have to use stronger force for whatever reason, use 00 steel wool.  I have used that on my precious Rowenta Iron and it does not do damage.  Hope this helps. -- IBEVILDIVA Reply 22/04/09

Answer #4: Cleaning an Iron. A contributor (Simon Thorne) suggested cleaning toasters which had burned on bread wrappers adhering to them with acetone or nail varnish remover, perhaps it would work on the residue on your iron (when it has cooled down)" -- Maria K Comment  Caution -- Acetone can be used on almost all fabrics except acetates. -- DE

Answer # 5:  A previous contributor suggested using nail varnish remover or acetone. Those steel wool pads with soap in them work pretty good as well -- Victors Fan. Caution -- Brillo Pads and similar steel wool pads can remove the coating found on some irons - Ed Comment

Answer #6:   I don't know about the shirt but in Australia we have a product called Hi speed, Hot Iron Clean. It's a small tube with a light brown "toothpaste" consistency brown stuff. Put some on a clean cloth a run the hot iron over it. You may have to repeat it. Works well. JM Comment

Answer #7: Iron Residue. I just had this problem w/a brownish residue. I tried polish remover, Avon skin so soft, and more. The solution was right in front of me! Liquid dish detergent was the last thing I tried and it work quickly and easily! I just put it on a warm wet cloth and wiped off the residue. Try it! -- S. L. Hood  Comment Feb 16 2006 

Answer #8: How to clean sticky residue off your iron. Turn your iron on low heat and rub a dryer fabric softener sheet (such as Downy) over the bottom. This worked wonders after I used Heat & Bond on a craft project and got it all over the bottom of my iron! I used a rag to hold the dryer sheet to avoid burning my fingers. -- Kendra Reynolds Comment Feb 19 2005

Q: Iron Stains. Could you send me the name of the stuff that removes plastic of an iron Thanks, Linda. -- John & Linda Lennon Reply. 30/09/08

Q: Surface of Iron. I have a Russell Hobbs iron and it can get extremely hot even on steam. I have got a great deal of residue on the part that irons and cannot remove it. Any suggestions please. -- Eunice Robinson Reply 5/10/08

Q: Iron query. I was trying to find the best way to clean the outside part of the iron that is, the part that actually heats up and irons the clothes. It seems to have spray starch build-up. thanks, -- Gail Galloway Reply (Ref:0195)

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Q: Cleaning an Iron How do I take the stuck on gunk that is on my iron? It's there after we iron over a label or sometimes just the thread from jeans? I've tried soap. I've tried fingernail polish remover. I've tried brass cleaner. I've tried removing it hot and cold Finally I scrape it off with a razor blade but this seems harsh. -- Veronica Velez Reply (Ref:0266)

Q: Sticky residue on iron. I ironed something that has left a sticky residue on the face of my iron. What is the best way to clean it so it doesn't stick to other clothes I'm trying to iron? -- W J Bons Reply (Ref: 0085)

Q: Scorch marks on fabrics My iron has residue on it (dark matter) and when I went to iron a shirt it got on the shirt. I have tried several things to get it off the fabric. Do you know what could get it off the shirt? Something good for scorch marks on fabrics would be good. Thank you. -- NANCY THOMAS Reply  (Ref:0716) 

Cleaning Clothes Iron.  I have an clothes iron with a Teflon bottom and it has developed a sticky film on the bottom which could have been from spray starch build-up. When the iron heats up the iron can not move freely across the particular item I am ironing. Can you please give me a name of a product or some home remedy to remove the sticky film from the bottom of the iron. thank you.-- "Plut, Frank" Reply

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