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Cleaning Antique Glassware

Q: Nicotine on Glassware  I recently received some antique glassware from a friend whose mother has passed away. Unfortunately they are horribly stained from years of smoking, any ideas on how to clean and remove this without setting the stain the way a dishwasher does? Thanks!! --Lara Reply (Ref:0862)

Answer #1: Cleaning glassware. Try tri sodium phosphate (TSP). It can be purchase at a paint store and probably Walmart. Wear rubber gloves. -- Janice Murphy Comment

Answer #2: I deal in antiques now and again have to clean antique china and glass, glass is easier than china and will come up nicely using weak washing up liquid with a dash of either ammonia or vinegar. For everything but the most valuable items I soak them, sometimes overnight. To get into corners I use a small brush that was supplied with an electric shaver and neat washing up liquid. Sometimes alcohol or nail varnish removing liquid is needed. Human saliva is also effective I am told by some of my colleagues.

Better than any of the above suggestions is the wipes sold in camera shops for cleaning lenses, a bit more expensive but for badly stained or pricey items the best solution. -- Rankine McMurray Comment

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