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Sticky Residue from Hairspray

Q: Hairspray. I clean for a Beauty Salon and there is a sticky residue on the Vinyl chairs the hair dresser uses to fix peoples hair. I've tried several cleaners and nothing works. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks. -- Kathi Conrad Reply  (Ref:0628)

Answer #1: Sticky Residue on Chairs at Hair Salon. You might not be able to remove this "residue" as it could be the actual plastic finish has decomposed and there is nothing  left to clean. BUT here is something that might work if the vinyl finish on the chair is still intact. Try using a product called "Goof-Off" available at Walmart or Home Depot or any hardware store. Use it GENTLY. -- Rob Glory   Comment  

Answer #2: Hairspray has been developed to be removable with shampoo, so warm soapy water and a scrub is usually quite enough. Alcohol is a solvent so is dry-cleaning fluid, however take care with the drycleaning fluid on plastic surfaces. -- Ed Qz-n-Az Comment  

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