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Yellow Staining on Old Fabrics

Q: Age stains. I have a cross-stitched quilt, almost 31 years old, and a Baptismal gown, same age. Both have yellow stains. I have tried Wisk and dishwasher detergent (Cascade) to no avail. I am pretty sure both items are cotton or cotton blends as I have washed them repeatedly with no ill effects. Any help greatly appreciated, for my first grandchild. Thank you. -- Jo Freer Reply (Ref:0203)

Answer #1: I have heard a mixture of fresh lemon juice and salt rubbed on spots and placed in sun will bleach out yellow in old stains. This information from my wise Aunt Sue. I would try it first on just one small area and see how it does. -- Good Luck, Patti Seizetheday 

Answer #2: Age stains. Hi Jo. Has anyone suggested yet for yellowing cotton/cotton blends, to use any type of powder bleach, especially one for nappies is great! I have 100% cotton sheets & they tend to yellow over the winter sitting in the cupboard & this is what I soak them in (nothing else) in hot water, then rinse, to whiten them again for summer use. Helen Russell . Apr 4 2006


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