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White waxy substance on new coffee table

Q: Wax on furniture  Hope someone has a good tip. I recently received a new coffee table as a  gift. It is new, but bought on sale, and has a few minor imperfections. I  love it and it has tons of storage, so I am thrilled to keep it. My  problem is that it has (what seems to be) a thick white waxy substance in  some of the crevices and on the drawers. I can scrape some of it off with  my nails, yet it leaves a film behind. How do I get this "wax" off my new  table without damaging it? What is this substance anyway? Please help. -- RaeAnne Reply Ref:0024

A: It seems to be some kind of protective coating. A liquid polish might be able to dissolve it without harming the wood -- Essie E Comment 



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