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Stains on Wooden Furniture

Best Answer - With valuable antique furniture you are advised to use an expert but if you wish to take the risk you can use stains and polishes including the old favourite Teak Oil. I have been successful with mixing up wood stains to get the right shade and then polishing with beeswax. - Jason McDonald

Q: Help! Water stain! I hope you can help me...I just saved enough money to buy my older daughter a 1930's art deco/bakelite handled bedroom set (veneer/blond oak). Unfortunately, last night our cat knocked over her fish bowl all over the vanity (ate the fish too). It looks terrible...sort of like how a glass will make a water ring on wood, except this is about a area of about one sq. foot. Do you know of any thing I can do to reduce the fading of the finish or draw the water out? (it is still damp). If you can help it will be appreciated so very much! Thank you -- Katherine Nicewander Reply (Ref:0111)

A: Do nothing, the mark should disappear without any action on your part, modern varnishes absorb water and discolour but they usually recover in time -- DE

Q: Removing water stains on varnish. I have tried to find out how to remove a water stain from a varnished table. I AM BEGINNING TO DESPAIR. Does anyone know how to remove a water stain from a varnished table. PPPPLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEE. -- Reply 13 May 2004 (Ref:1044)

A: Water Stains on Varnish. I first put a little tooth paste on a damp washcloth and rub around the water stain in a circular motion. The paste is slightly abrasive and will raise the grain to blend in the stain, a little bit. Then, wipe it with a clean damp cloth and dry. Lastly try rubbing a walnut across the stain, letting the oils from the walnut soak into the wood. It works great to hide scratches and other damage. For very bleached out stains, I use Old English furniture treatment. It helps to put a darker tint back into the wood. Hope this helps. -- 'Christa Rutelonis' Comment

Q: Stains on wood. Hi, thanks for your site, really useful but I haven't yet found the solution to my problem. I spilled some ethanol (methylated spirits) onto a lacquered table and the lacquer stained an opaque white. Initial rubbing with a cloth soaked in ethanol or water or dishwashing liquid has little or no effect. am I facing a re-sand and re-varnish or do you know of a way to remove this stain? thanks for any help you can offer. regards -- Steve Udy and Janet Blount Reply  (Ref:0098 )

A: Try Teak Oil -- DE.

Q: Water stains on wood table. Could you please tell me how to remove the white water stains that get on wooden tables from setting glasses or hot dishes on table. Thank you -- Mackeford Reply (Ref:0134) 

A: Those white rings on your wood table can be buffed out with a little toothpaste on a damp rag. --  Howard Douglas L Contr WRALC/TIL    Comment

Q: White heat stains on antique coffee table. Dear Sir/Madam, I would appreciate someone giving me a helpful hint on how to get out white heat stains an antique coffee table. Wood is either cherry or mahogany. Would appreciate any hints possible. Thanks -- Pam Pmedical Reply  

Q: Try teak oil -- DE

Q: Removing nail varnish remover. How can I remove the stain of nail remover which contains acetone. It has caused the wood to loose its shine and left markings. Thanks, -- Janett Reply  

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