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Removing Tree Sap Stain

Q: Sap Stain on Clothes -- Could you help me on how to remove tree sap from clothing? Thanks --  Kim Schnathorst Reply Ref:0562

Answer #1: The experts recommend a solvent cleaner. Alcohol is safe so try vodka. after that I would recommend a general purpose pre-wash stain remover --  essie2000 Comment

Answer #2: Tree Sap on cars is easily gotten rid of with mineral spirits, so it is likely that it can be dissolved that way. -- Lorna Van Gelder Comment

Answer #3: Water and detergent works well if you get to it early enough -- Ed QZNAZ Comment


Unanswered Questions

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Q: Tree Sap from Christmas Tree. Our Christmas tree had a lot of sap on it this year, needless to say, we have sap all over everything including our hanging decorations & Christmas balls. How can I remove the sap from the ornaments & balls without taking off the paint? It is also on the tree skirt & parts of the carpet. Thank you, -- S Martin Reply  (Ref:0601)

Q: Tree Sap on Ornaments. Did you get an answer to your tree sap on ornaments question? I had the same problem too. Please advise. Thanks. -- Angi Bergeron Reply Ref:0009

Q: Spruce Tree Sap on Fleece I've gotten some spruce tree sap on a fleecy jacket. How do I get it off? -- "Mary Newman" Reply (Ref:0257)

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Q: Tree Sap. My daughter got tree sap on her jeans. What is the best way to get out without removing the color? -- Darlene Reply Ref:0015

Q: Sticky Tree Sap on my Clothes. Sap has got onto my delicate hand wash-only jumper and stretch trousers. What could possibly get it off any ideas, please? -- Colleen Braun, Cape Town Reply Ref:0016

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