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Unable to remove a ring from my finger

Q: Stuck Rings on Swollen Fingers. What is the best way to get a ring off of a swollen finger? Soap and vegetable oil have not worked. -- "R. Williams" Reply.  (Ref:0108)

Answer #1: We hope that by the time you receive this you have had the problem resolved. The emergency people at your local hospital will be able to give you an injection to cause the swelling to subside. An old Scottish folk remedy works if the problem is tackled early enough, wind a thin piece of string or thread from the tip onwards on to the finger, pass through the ring then slowly remove the string from the ring end, as it unwinds the ring will slide down the finger over the thread. Oil or washing up liquid helps at this point. -- DE. Comment

Answer #2: I saw it being done on television the other day using dental floss -- graham turpe Comment

Answer #3: Cold water would cause the finger to shrink somewhat. -- Anon Comment

Answer #4: If the finger is going blue and the problem is too far gone to respond to the usual remedies then get yourself to to an emergency room at your local hospital.

Having it cut off is not the end of your precious ring, a good jeweller can repair it so well that you will be unable to tell. The jeweller is also someone who can do the cutting, every fire station has tools to be able to do the cutting as are the nurses at your local hospital. They deal with this kind of problem on a regular basis. qznaz.com

Answer #5: Holding your hand above your head will slowly bring the swelling down, dipping in cold water as well can speed up the process -- Hector Purcell Comment

Note: If the ring has been causing problems for some time then it is time to get it extended at your local jewellers - or lose some weight! - also use non irritant lubricants, baby oil, cooking oil, dish soap are all OK but ammonia based cleaners can irritate.

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