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Revitalizing Velcro

Q: Velcro Is there some way to revitalize Velcro fasteners, like those found on shoes? I am afraid to comb them unless I know it will work. The shoes are still good and comfortable. Thank you --Mitzi Heuer Reply (Ref:0286)

Answer #1: If you have to clean hook and loop material (Velcro and similar) on a regular basis then there is a product called a "Lintscoop" designed specially to do the job. For the occasional clean up use a toothpick, pin or needle. Someone suggested using an old toothbrush but I do not know how effective that would be. I also read that too frequent cleaning can damage the material but doubt that advice. -- Abigail Martin Comment 2/011/2008

Answer #1: Revitalizing Velcro    The only way I know how is to take a pair of tweezers and patiently (while watching TV) pull out the fuzz -- Rob Glory Comment 04/01/2013



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