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How to restore an old mirror

Q: Old mirrors    I recently found an old mirror in the attic and would like to restore the  frame and mirror and make use of it on my dresser.  The problem is that the  mirror is hazy in spots.  I have tried cleaning front and back, I have tried  using a blow dryer on the mirror, front and back, but nothing seems to help.   Does anyone have any suggestions? -- Patricia Penton Reply (Ref:0492)

A: Hi Patricia - Leave the mirror alone, mirror repair and renovation is a job for experts. Mercury used in mirror manufacture is one of the most poisonous materials in our environment. Some experts rate it at 5,000 times more toxic than lead and that should be avoided. Heating a mirror could allow some mercury to "gas out" and enter the lungs. Take care -- Ed. QZNAZ Comment

Old mirrors 
Thanks Dave, I've been known to blow up a stove, so rest assured I'll leave this alone!! Besides, I'm getting used to the "antique" look. Again, thank you. -- Patti - Comment

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