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Q: Remove marks-a-lot   I have a great looking antique wall clock that has an advertiser's name on the face. The name was blacked out by Marks-a-lot and I would like to remove this without removing the advertiser's name or the old paint on the face plate, any ideas? -- FLOW -TEMP Reply  (Ref:0630)

Q: What to do if i have TippEx on a blazer?  i have dots of tipp ex on my blazer, how do I get it off? please tell me there's a cure!!!! thanks, take care -- "david brush" Reply  (Ref:0632)

Q: Keratosis. I have just had a small scaly growth removed from the top of my ear. The doctors said that it was a Keratosis and not a cancer, however the information I managed to get off the Internet indicates that a keratosis is an SCC (squamous cell carcinoma). To me that sounds like a cancer. Anyone out there know better -- Reply (Roger Delaney)

Q: Giant dust bunnies. I have one area in my house that collects more dust than others. I have tried everything, lowering the humidity, etc. It has wood and tile floors. No carpet. Good ventilation. A ceiling fan that is never turned off. No animals. I removed all plants. This is a master bedroom, bath and walk in closet. What is up with this?  Pat Watkins  Reply

Cleaning brass I need to remove paint from brass hinges is there a liquid solution I can soak them in to make this easy -- Luke T. Byrne Reply (Ref:0636)

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