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Protecting my plants from the frost

Q: Covering plants in winter  -- I have 2 bay trees a clematis, passion flower, honeysuckle, double  flowering clematis and a peris in patio tubs. Do I need to cover them for winter  protection or can I leave them to the elements. Hope you can help Thanks -- PiggeryPoke Reply (Ref:0357)

Answer #1: It depends very much where you live. If you experience hard frosts then I suspect that you will need to protect them.  -- Webby1 Comment

Answer #2: These days there is a good range of products to help protect your plants. The one we will try is a zipped fleece jacket at around 5 UK pounds. There is also a greenhouse tent but that is a couple of hundred pounds. The basic 30g fleece can be purchased for around 20 sq metres for ten pounds. Ground pegs of three or four different grades are also available from our local garden centre or online -- Webby1 Comment


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