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How to keep my flowers fresh!

Q: Preserving Cut Flowers. What can I add, other than a commercial flower preservative, to the water to make my cut flowers from the garden last longer? I am sure there is something that can be added that we all have around the house. Thanks --mccio Reply   (Ref:0133)

Answer #1: Aspirin, we have all heard this tip and when I have tried it I have had some success. Other ideas that I have come across are;

1. putting the flowers in a fridge for a few hours before arranging them.

2. Cutting a little piece off the bottom of each stem every few days.

3. Add a little Lemon Juice to the water.

4. Grow your own, they are always fresher.

Patti Moran Dublin-- Comment

Answer #2: When you get home with you bouquet trin down the ends with a super sharp blade and use warm, not hot water. The plant food that florists sell or supply are usually good an prevent the water going bad. -- A Marcusson Comment

Q: I came across a tip about using borax and silica gel, that can preserve flowers for months or years, does anyone know the details?? -- Marianne Kroger Reply

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