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Q: Trade in our Politicians? Can we get ourselves a new set of politicians.  I was horrified to find from searches on the Internet that senior Republicans and Democrats were involved in the looting of our "Savings and Loans" organizations. Should the guilty ones be allowed to use statutes of limitations and other excuses to avoid prosecution. Anon Reply (Ref:0717p)

Q: Do we put money ahead of our consciences. Is President Clinton right to kow-tow to China, giving them a privileged trading status when they are the worst human rights abusers and are currently occupying a neigboring country (Tibet). Richard Budkiewicz Chicago (Ref:0778p)

Reply: China too has been the victim of aggression - the Opium Wars and the Rape of Nanking, to name two. Very few Americans know about these events. Leila Armstrong Denver Colorado

Q: Should UN impose sanctions on Iran? No.There is absolutely no legal grounds to impose sanction on Iran. Iran should do whatever it sees suitable in national interest. UK and US arranged  coup in 1953 destroyed buds of democracy in Iran, supported the dictator Shah for many decades, helped dictator Saddam to kill half a million Iranians and make Iranian people suffer 25 years under sanctions. Not to mention Western countries gave the nuclear bomb to Israel on a golden plate. Why should Iran have any respect whatsoever for Western countries and bow to what they ask for? -- Farnaz Reply Iran/US   (Ref:1140)

A: Iran is the enemy. The USA has been at war with Iran for three decades. Iran is mainly responsible for all the radical Muslim butchery and inhuman murder in the world. Iran has directly sponsored and ordered the murders of thousands of Americans, Jews and other allies of Americans. Iran's Ayatollahs and "Parliament" call for the death of the USA during every meeting. The Ayatollahs end their prayers every Friday in all Mosques in Iran (and in most Muslim nations controlled by radical Islam) with "Death to America" instead of "Amen." Iranian-sponsored Modressa's (schools for boys) teach their young pupils that murdering Americans and Jews is crucial to the survival of the Muslim religion, and Allah will hold a special place in paradise for those Muslims that manage to murder Americans and Jews, especially if they do so while committing suicide. There are hundreds of these Modressa's throughout the Muslim world, and they "graduate" thousands of screaming maniacal goons every year. Iran is also sponsoring Al Jeezera, which is the propaganda arm of radical Islam. 

Iran's supreme Muslim Council, through its "Revolutionary Guard " and "Jerusalem Brigade" control and coordinate most if not all of the radical Muslim terrorist groups throughout the world. Iran finances, arms and trains most terrorists. Iran offers terrorist training camps in ten locations throughout Iran, and terrorists from all Muslim nations, including the Palestinians, have sent terrorists to train at these camps. Prior to 911, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon were training terrorists to hi jack commercial air liners with small knives, in groups of five terrorists per hi jack, and one of the terrorists had to be a qualified pilot. Sound Familiar? 

Based upon my months of investigation in respect to radical Muslim terrorism, I have concluded that ALL radical Muslim terrorist organizations are interconnected in some way or another, and they ALL receive some type of support and/or direction from Iran. Iran is spending almost all of its oil money to sponsor radical Muslim terrorism in one way or another. 

Now we find out that Iran has had a clandestine nuclear weapon program for the past twenty years, and Iran has said clearly and often it intends to build nuclear weapons. 

Yet lately, due to the efforts of the Germans, the "gulp" French, and the Brits, Iran has agreed to not pursue nuclear weapons for certain economical concessions and "guarantees" of security from the USA. Sure, right. First, Iran will *never* stop trying to build nuclear weapons, and it might even move its nuclear programs into Syria or Lebanon along with Saddam's WMD stockpiles. The Europeans can inspect Iran all they want, and they will never find Iran's clandestine nuclear bomb programs as they are and will be too well hidden. (Even if the Europeans get close to finding the Iranian hidden weapon's programs, then we will start to see some of the old Saddam tactics, like refusals to allow inspections, stalls, and other obstructionist tactics to buy time). 

The Iranians have agreed to the European offers because they want to gain (1) economical benefits (2) continue to build their nuclear weapons (3) continue to sponsor terrorism and use the Brits, Germans and French agreement to stop the USA from invading Iran and stopping them from sponsoring terrorism. 

If the Bits, French and Germans make any kind of deal with Iran about stopping Iran's building of nuclear weapons, then they will be deceived, and it will American cities that will pay the price of that deception, not the Europeans. Moreover, if the Europeans make a deal with Iran to stop building Nuclear weapons, that deal must include the provision that (1) Iran will also stop sponsoring terrorism and (2) Syria and Lebanon must be a part of the deal and make the same verifiable promises as Iran. 

I believe that Iran will sign anything, say anything, promise anything, to buy time to finish its nuclear weapon's program. Then, after the nuclear bombs are built, Iran will announce to the world that it has nuclear weapons, and mention the fact that in the Koran the Prophet Mohammed says that "Deals with Christians and Jews are not binding on Muslims!" -- Whiteangel Comment 12/7/06

A: Comment: Rubbish, Rubbish, Dangerous Rubbish. The Iranians are fond of rhetoric that usually becomes quite ridiculous, but the last poster has produced some hate filled drivel of the worst kind, even more kooky than some of the more crazy of our Middle Eastern friends.

Last week when President Ahmedi-Najad said that Israel should be/deserved to be 'Wiped off the map' that was purely for internal consumption and when delivered to a crowd of rabid revolutionaries was designed to make the little scumbag seem to be a true believer and carrying on the tradition of the great Imam - Ayatolla Khomeini.

As someone who has spent years in Iran and other ME locations and experienced real terrorist violence first hand, I am always scared and disappointed by inflammatory rhetoric whether it comes from Condoleeza Rice or a Middle Eastern leader such as our diminutive Iranian. 

Irresponsible speeches by people who should know better are pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as actually doing bad things. Things such as erasing countries borders. Consider the situations where, for example Israel and China have actually absorbed other nations territory. Tibet has probably gone for good but Palestine could become a functioning country if we have the will to encourage progress in that area. Really eliminating a country is considerably worse than just talking about it. Ahmedi-Najad is not helping but neither is the West with our selective view of the conflict or our hypocrisy. 

Knowing your enemy is an essential requirement in dealing with him. Our distorted view of Iran and other states is dangerous and misguided. Iranians are, in my experience, a people who, compared with Westerners have an abhorrence of violence, the black cloaked Saracen is a Hollywood/Fox News myth. They are also generally more truthful in their speech, even their politicians, so when they say that they want to be open about their nuclear activities and that the nuclear enrichment program is for peaceful purposes and that such weapons are against their principles they could actually be telling the truth. Judging on past experience there is a much, much higher probability of honest words coming from an Iranian leader than from Messrs. Bush, Blair Chirac etc. 

Interestingly an Iranian Prophet in around 1200BC preached to his followers that they should practice Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds. Lets hope that Mr Ahmedi-Nejad is only disobeying his second precept. - Bill C- Comment

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