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Advice on looking after your furry friends -
Scaly and Feathery ones too

Skunk Smell. They say to remove the smell of skunk from a dog or cat is not tomato juice. My cat got skunked and I called my Vet he said the best thing is dishwashing soap. The spray from the skunk is an oil based spray and the best thing is dish washing soap, dish washing soap has a special agent in it to get rid of grease from your pots and pans and plates, well it works the same way with the oil from the skink. I tried the tomato juices as she got sprayed early in the morning I then tried the baby wash bath soap and finally got hold of my Veterinarian and he told me about the dishwashing soap and that most certainly worked - hope this helped. - adelie schaeffer



If your Iguana or any other reptile pet is showing signs of sickness take it to an experienced reptile vet. Only a specialist with years of experience should be trusted -- T M

Feeding Tortoises. Tortoises and other reptiles get very little nutrition from lettuce, especially the supermarket iceberg type. Once a week I feed our tortoise a quarter of a crushed up multivitamin pill -- Mercy Wilson London UK


Cats Tip.

Buy a Laser Pointer to keep your kitten amused. They just love to chase after the red dot -- Adam Wald

Cat in the Rubbish Bin. If your cat raids the trash can, he can be deterred by sprinkling some chilli powder over the top of the rubbish -- Simon Spicer Cranfield England 

Rabbits. If rabbits are in any heat, over 65 degrees, they can have a heatstroke, which can kill them in 5 minutes or less. take a bottle of soda, empty it, and fill it up with water. now stick it in the freezer until it is frozen. stick it in the bunny's cage, it is like their own personal air conditioner.  Thanks -- Jess Skater Gal  

Dogs: Take your Dog for a walk before you bathe it, so it won’t have to go outside whilst it is still wet.  To keep soap out of a dogs eyes when washing it, add a layer of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) over its eyebrows and around its eyes. - Ian Talbot, Rockhampton, Australia



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