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Paint on my leather jacket

Q: Paint Removal on Leather Jacket   How do I remove paint stains from a leather jacket without damaging the leather?  -- ADAM NIECHCAJ  Reply (Ref:0861)

Answer#1: Paint Removal  Hi there I have just the same problem with spray paint. I have been searching the web and have come up with trying baby oil!! -- Cheers Cheryl  Comment  5 Nov 2003

Answer#2: Paint on Leather Coat. If the stain is new then baby oil or almost any oil will help to remove it, however if it has been allowed to dry a bit then it may need mineral spirits (in the UK and elsewhere it is called white spirits - Ed). If it has been allowed to dry completely then it is a job for a specialist. If you are brave then nail polish remover applied to the paint AND ONLY THE PAINT may do the trick. Failing all the above get a leather paint made up to just the right color. -- Justin Wise Comment

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