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Stained Sheets - (Oily Husband Problem)

Q: Body oil stains. My husband has a very oily body. Our sheets on his side of the bed always end up looking dingy and dirty. I have tried bleach on the white sheets, but it takes a couple washings get it clean. I have a harder time with my prints and colored sheets and pillowcases. Please, does anyone have a solution for me. Thanks -- Betty Reply (Ref:0511)

Answer #1: Change your husband! I had a similar problem with my car. The new model is much better -- Suzie Flame Comment  (The kind of comment I have come to expect from you Suzie! Go Away!!! -- Ed )

Answer #2: At my insistence my fellow has his shower last thing at night - well second last....... Suzie Comment
Q: Body oil stains. Did you ever come up with a solution for your husband staining your sheets? My husband has the same problem. Sheets are expensive and I don't want to keep replacing them. Any ideas? -- Liz Wilson Reply

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