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How to clean a drive or patio with oil leakage stains

Q: Concrete Stains How do you remove oil and grease stain from concrete? -- Terry Wenck Reply   Ref:0081

Answer #1: Shaving cream.  I pasted shaving cream all over a shower/tub that had grime built up, and let sit for a few hours. To my dismay, with a little elbow grease, my tub looks brand new, and the odor bearable. Also, this can be used on oil stains in the garage and on the driveway. --   Gail A. Devine

Answer #2: Use bacteria; there are several microbial products that can break down oils and greases on concrete, they take a couple of hours to do it. The product can also clear grease blockages in waste pipes. Wonder Microbes is a product I have used successfully in the past

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