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Non-Poisonous Ant Remedy

Q: Household Ants remedy Non Poision. Can't get rid of household ants around cat  food area. -- Don Slease Reply (Ref:0483)

Answer #1: Ants  For ants, draw a line of boric acid (powder, its non-poisonous) or Ajax or Comet, (and I'm willing to bet on baby powder too) around wherever you want to keep the ants out of or away from. I believe that the ants suffocate in the powder. Could be that boric acid, etc. is poisonous to ants, however that's what you wash kittens eyes out with when they are first opening their eyes. Hope this helps. --  "Little-Dog"  28 Feb 2004 Comment

Answer #2: Household Ants-. Hi, I had this problem and actually signed a contract with a local chemical free company that would exterminate every 2 months. One day when I was asking about our ant problem and what to do if they came back, the tech gave away their secret…ORANGE CLEANER, any brand will do, it is like a nerve gas, at first they will keep going about their business, and then shaking, and finally croak. Its great because the odor and fumes are not offensive, and it works. Try to follow the “path” that they are taking and coat it. especially if you find the point of entry.

Also if they are a certain kind of ant, instant oatmeal works…when they eat, it expands and well you get the picture. Good Luck. -- Suzanne Q. Fuller. Oct 29 2006 Comment

Note: Boric acid is an effective insecticide, it works by causing the insect's exoskeleton to crack and allow evapration which causes death by dehydration. Boric acid is slightly toxic to humans and pets but only dangerous in large quantities, however dilute acid eyewashes should not be used on babies and small children as over time it will build up to dangerous levels. Increasingly the idea is growing that the element Boron could be an important micronutrient -- Ed


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