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Nail polish on TV screen

Q: Nailpolish on my TV screen My 2 year old decided to paint the TV screen (regular tube kind) with neon pink glittery nailpolish. Any help in removing it? Thanks a lot!-- Lucky Queen B   Reply (Ref:1054)

Answer #1:  Nailpolish on TV screen  A sharp blade will not usually scratch the glass of the screen. The old type razor blade or a blade from a Stanley knife will do - Leila Sutherland, Derby, England Comment

Answer #2: If you have a plastic flat screen of the tupe used on LCD TVs then you have a serious problem that calls for great care. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE NAIL POLISH REMOVER CONTAINING ACETONE!!!

You can usually use Isopropyl Alcohol without damaging plastics but if I were you I would try a little in an unused corner of the screen. -- David Neeman Comment


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