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Moths in my Pantry

Q: Moths in the Pantry. HELP!! Every spring season brings moths to my pantry that wont leave till fall!!! I've tried moth crystals in there but they wont go away! They also eat through plastic bags and get into everything. I would put everything in jars, but the cabinets are not that big. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!! -- Kenneth Rehmer Reply (Ref:0068)

Answer Moths in Pantry #1: We had similar problem, complete elimination of the grubs is the way we did it. We had to regularly check all the stored foodstuff and keep nuts flour and grain in airtight containers. -- Sara Brightwell

Answer#2: Freeze your perishables such as flour, beans etc then stow in sealed containers. -- Patti

Answer#3: To get rid of the moths, hang an onion sack with cedar balls in the pantry. Gotta go... Wishing you days of sunshine and hope -- Judy,


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