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Keeping the screw from loosening on my glasses

Q: Eyeglass repair  Every couple of days, i have to retighten the little screw which fastens  that long skinny piece which goes back to the ear. Any ideas on how to keep it tight, while still allowing movement so the glasses can be folded up when  not being worn? -- Erik Imhoff Reply  (Ref:0443)

Answer#1: You can buy a kind of superglue that is specially designed to lock threads on screws.A brand available here in Germany is Loctite. If you are careful you can use normal superglue. Be careful as some plastic lenses will shatter if they come in contact with cyanoacrylate glue. -- Richard Dorn -- Before you try this read the next posting -- Ed

Caution, Response: Removing superglue from eyeglass lenses: If only I had found this site before attempting to substitute superglue for Loctite to repair a loose screws my eyeglasses!!! The first three applications sealed the nosepiece and one earpiece screw in place quite nicely. But, alas!, Murphy's Law has struck and now I have a thin fog of superglue on 1/3 of one lens, that no amount of De-Solvit or elbow grease or cussing is going to remove! I've tried scraping it off with my fingernail but to no avail and I'm afraid to use anything sharper for fear of damaging the plastic lenses. These are uncoated lenses by the way, so they may tolerate chemicals / solvents that treated lenses may not... Does anyone have suggestions? Don't be shy - You can't ruin my glasses. I already have! =) I have a job interview this Wednesday so time is of the essence unless they are hiring for geeks - my backup pair are at least 7 years old!! Thanks for your input! Rachel K Sweet (Ref:1089)

Answer #2: Superglue stuck on eye glasses: Try using acetone (conveniently available as nail polish remover). If you have coated lenses, it may damage the coating, but it will certainly remove the superglue. After removing the superglue, clean the lens with alcohol or normal lens cleaner to get rid of the residue. Hope this helps! Rene Pretorius' Reply

Answer #3: Re; Eye Glass Repair: Have you tried clear nail polish? I used it on my son's, husband's and mine and it really works. Apply it after tightening the screw and let dry. Lasts for quite a while. -- 'Nancy Oickle' . Nov 7 2006

PLEASE BE CAREFUL  when you use solvents or superglue on glasses - ED





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